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Cabinet Decision: 20th April 2006
Title of Item/Report
Establishment of a New Community School in Roseworth
Record of the Decision
Cabinet considered a report that described the outcome of consultation on a proposal to close both Redbrook Primary School and Roseworth Primary School and establish a single community primary school in a new building funded with an 80% grant awarded from the DfES Targeted Capital Fund. The remaining 20% would be funded from Council resources.

It was explained that the new school would be constructed on part of the site occupied by Roseworth Primary School to open in September 2008 with 420 full-time places and an integrated 39-place nursery as part of a foundation unit. The new school would be planned to contribute to the delivery of integrated services for children and families in consultation with other service providers in the Roseworth area.

The proposal was described in a consultation paper circulated to parents, school staff and their representatives, school governors, the Anglican and Catholic dioceses and neighbouring schools. Meetings were held at both schools for parents, staff and their professional representatives. The consensus at all meetings agreed that the proposal would be likely to bring significant benefits for the children of the Roseworth estate.

Concerns were raised over planning issues, particularly the location of the school entrance and the impact on neighbours of parents delivering and collecting children by car. This would be addressed at the design stage, taking account of the results of a Transport Impact Assessment. It was very likely that appropriate conditions would be attached to the granting of planning permission for a new building.

One organisation representing some members of staff had sought confirmation that the new school would be a community school (like those to be replaced) so that staff would remain in the employment of the Council. Members noted that this was the intention of the proposal, subject only to any change in legislation.

It was explained that should members agree to the recommendations in the report, a Statutory Notice (draft was provided) would be published in the press and at the school gates. This would be followed by six weeks in which any person could respond in writing. After the expiry of that period, if no written objections had been received, the Authority may itself determine whether to implement the proposal by delegated decision. If any objections were received, the proposal would be referred to the School Organisation Committee for decision.

The two governing bodies expressed their support for the proposal.
a Statutory Notice be published inviting comment on the Authority’s proposals to:

a. close Roseworth Primary School and Redbrook Primary School on 31st August 2008;

b. establish on 1st September 2008 a new community primary school for 420 children, plus a 39-place nursery, in new premises to be constructed on the site of Roseworth Primary School.

Reasons for the Decision
Any proposal to change school provision is governed by a statutory process laid down in Sections 28 to 31 of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 (modified in some details by the Education Act 2002). Following consultation with interested parties, the Authority is required to publish a Statutory Notice of its proposal, in a newspaper and at the sites in question.
Alternative Options Considered and Rejected
Declared (Cabinet Member) Conflicts of Interest
Councillors Mrs Cains and Leonard each declared personal, prejudicial interests in respect of this item as a result of their position as Governing Body members of the schools affected; and therefore left the meeting during the discussion of this item.
Details of any Dispensations
Date and Time by which Call In must be executed
By no later than midnight on Friday, 28 April 2006.

Date of Publication: 25 April 2006

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