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Cabinet Decision: 20th April 2006
Title of Item/Report
Appointment to Outside Bodies
Record of the Decision
Consideration was given to the appointment of elected members to outside body organisations which were within the remit of Cabinet to appoint.


1. The undermentioned persons be appointed to the relevant outside body organisations:-

ARC Board (Observer) 1 Councillor Mrs O’Donnell May 2007
Arts Council England North East (formerly Northern Arts) 1 Councillor Cunningham May 2007
Centre for Local Economic Strategies 1 Councillor Cook May 2007
Drugs Action Team 2 Councillors Mrs Cains & Kirton May 2007
Local Authority Arts Forum(min 192 3/7/03) 1 Councillor Mrs O’Donnell May 2007
NEA Strategic Planning Committee 1 Councillor Cook May 2007
North East Consortium for Asylum Seekers 1 Councillor Johnson May 2007
North East Community Forest Board 1 Councillor Mrs O’Donnell May 2007
North East Museums, Libraries & Archives Council 1 Councillor Cunningham May 2007
Schools Forum 1 Councillor Cunningham May 2007
Safeguarding Board 1 Councillor Cunningham May 2007
Supporting People Commissioning & Strategy Group 3 Councillors Kirton, Leonard & Mrs Johnson May 2007
Tees Forest Partnership Group 3 Councillor Brown, Narroway & Woodhead May 2007
Tees Valley Arts (formerly Cleveland Arts) 1 Councillor Mrs O’Donnell May 2007
Tees Valley Environmental Protection Group 3 Councillors Mrs Beaumont, Nelson & Teasdale May 2007
Tees Valley Joint Strategy Committee 5(2L, 1C, 1LD, 1IBIS/TIA) Councillors Cherrett, Cook, Lupton, Teasdale & LarkinSubs: Councillors Mrs Beaumont, Cains, Coleman, Fletcher, Harrington May 2007
Tees Valley Local Access Forum 1 Councillor Cook May 2007
Tees Valley Regeneration Inward Investment Advisory Group (min. 138 12/6/03) 1 Councillor Cook May 2007


2. Council rescind the appointments made to the Joint Archives Committee made on 5th April 2006 (Min ? refers) and confirms the following appointments:-

Archives 1and 1 substitute Councillor Mrs O’Donnell*Councillor Kirton May 2007

Reasons for the Decision
Appointments are required to various outside bodies.
Alternative Options Considered and Rejected
Declared (Cabinet Member) Conflicts of Interest
Details of any Dispensations
Date and Time by which Call In must be executed
In respect of Resolution 1 only; by no later than midnight on Friday, 28TH April 2006.

Date of Publication: 25 April 2006

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