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Cabinet Decision: 7th September 2006
Title of Item/Report
Local Enterprise Growth Initiative (LEGI)
Record of the Decision
Cabinet considered a report informing it of the current status of the Round 2 bid for Local Enterprise Growth Initiative (LEGI) funding. The LEGI would provide flexible, devolved investment for the Borough's most deprived areas - determined by the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund areas - to support locally developed and owned proposals that pursued new or proven ways of stimulating economic activity and productivity through enterprise development. The report also sought endorsement of the proposal to be submitted to the Government Office for the North East on the 14th September 2006. A copy of the current draft of the bid was provided for Members consideration.

Members were provided with details of the development of the Round 2 bid. Cabinet noted that a lot of the information and some project ideas from round 1 had been carried forward. However this had been strengthened by additional consultation, research and project development work. Overall the round 2 proposals were more specifically targeted in terms of the key disadvantage areas and groups that would benefit.

It was explained that in line with feedback received the LEGI funding applied for would be simiolar to that applied for in Round 1. The draft bid asked for approximately 17 million over 3 years.

Members noted that two new projects within the overall bid that could have implications for the way that Council operated in Procurement and Property/Investment. Brief details were provided.


1. the submission of the Stockton Middlesbrough Local Enterprise Growth Initiative proposals to Government Office for the North East be approved.

2. the Director of Development & Neighbourhood Services, be authorised to, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Transport, approve the final version of the Stockton Middlesbrough Local Enterprise Growth Initiative bid.

Reasons for the Decision
At the meeting of Cabinet on 11th August 2005 (Minute ref. 236) it was agreed to develop a Local Enterprise Growth Initiative (LEGI) bid jointly with Middlesbrough Council and other partners and to submit that bid for first round funding. The Round 1 bid approved by cabinet on 1st December 2005 and submitted to Government Office for the North East on 9th December 2005 was unsuccessful. The proposals for a Round II bid now need to be approved by Cabinet prior to them being submitted to Government Office for the North East in order to compete for the funds available.
Alternative Options Considered and Rejected
Declared (Cabinet Member) Conflicts of Interest
Details of any Dispensations
Not Applicable
Date and Time by which Call In must be executed
By not later than midnight on 15th September 2006.

Date of Publication: 11 September 2006

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