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Cabinet Decision: 5th July 2007
Title of Item/Report
Single Housing Investment Pot (SHIP)- Priorities for Funding 2008/9 to 2011/12
Record of the Decision
Consideration was given a report which updated Members on the revised process for bidding for Single Housing Investment Pot (SHIP) funding for the period 2008/9 to 2011/12 and identified the key objective areas and priority projects for which funding would be sought.

The Single Housing Investment Pot (SHIP) brought together previous funding streams allocated to local authorities and housing associations. SHIP was administered by the North East Housing Board (which was part of the North East Assembly). The role of the North East Housing Board (NEHB) was to make sure that housing policies blend better with other plans and strategies in the North East region. Its main work was to produce the Regional Housing Strategy, which advised Government ministers on where funding from the SHIP was best allocated.

The process of allocating resources via SHIP was first introduced for the period 2004/5 to 2005/6 (SHIP Round 1).

SHIP monies were critical to both LAs and Housing Associations in the region. For example capital resources previous allocated to LAs to assist the vulnerable in the private sector (including assistance to owner occupiers to improve property conditions and to assist the older and vulnerable via Disabled Facilities Grants) must be competitively ‘bid' for against the 23 LAs in the region.

The process of allocating SHIP monies had changed significantly over recent years. For example in the previous rounds of SHIP ‘safety net' allocations were maintained ensuring some consistency in funding for LAs. However this ‘safety net' had incrementally reduced between SHIP rounds 1 to 3.


1. the revised guidance issued by the North East Housing Board for the allocation of SHIP resources for the three-year period 2008/9 to 2011/12 be noted.

2. the priority objectives and project proposals, that SHIP funding will be sought for the period 2008/09 to 2011/12 (Appendix A and B), be endorsed.

3. given the limited timescales between the North East Housing Board issuing guidance to the sub-regions on what should be in their detailed funding proposals (guidance anticipated early July 2007) and the deadline for the sub-regions to submit their sub-regional housing strategies and costed action plans, delegated authority be given to the Corporate Director of Development and Neighbourhood Services in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Housing and Community Safety to sign-off the finalised Sub-Regional Housing Strategy and costed Action Plan.

4. the anticipated financial implications of SHIP funding, as detailed within the body of the report, be acknowledged.
Reasons for the Decision
To secure appropriate funding to ensure the provision of quality, appropriate accommodation in sustainable neighbourhoods for all residents of the Borough regardless of tenure.
Alternative Options Considered and Rejected
Declared (Cabinet Member) Conflicts of Interest
Councillor Nelson declared a personal non prejudicial interest in this item as he was a member of the Tristar Homes Limited's Management Board
Details of any Dispensations
Not applicable
Date and Time by which Call In must be executed
No later than Midnight on Friday 13th July 2007

Date of Publication: 09 July 2007

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