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Cabinet Decision: 27th September 2007
Title of Item/Report
Regeneration Strategy for Stockton 2007 - 2012
Record of the Decision
Members considered a report that set out a Regeneration Strategy for the Borough. The strategy took the ‘place' theme as its key emphasis, and sets out a programme of physical development across the Borough, which would drive economic and social regeneration. It was one of a number of daughter strategies to the Sustainable Community Strategy, and in particular needed to be consistent with the emerging Local Development Framework.

It was explained that the Regeneration Strategy collated the vision of the many regeneration projects which had already been endorsed by Cabinet, and those which would continue to be in the future, from a longer term strategic direction that demonstrated Stockton's strategic fit both nationally and regionally. It would dovetail into and compliment the Local Development Framework (LDF) and more specifically, the Regeneration Development Plan Document (DPD) when adopted.

Members noted that there was no statutory requirement to publish a Regeneration Strategy. However, with such scale and ambition to the Council's regeneration vision it was an opportunity to bring everything together and demonstrate both locally, sub regionally and nationally, that Stockton-on-Tees was a Borough of exciting and transformational change.

The draft Regeneration Strategy was provided to Members. It set out the achievements made by the Borough and its partners in regeneration over the last 10 - 15 years. It then set out the significant opportunities that existed in terms of redeveloping and transforming the Borough and identifies Key Ambitions for doing this.

The Borough was building on its major assets, through physical regeneration focussed on the River corridor, the Town Centres and the redevelopment of the older housing areas. Significantly, many of the major regeneration proposals were located in the most deprived wards, creating local opportunities for residents.

The Regeneration Strategy provided a detailed overview of all of the individual projects which would contribute to the successful delivery of the Council's Key Ambitions.

It was explained that the Regeneration Strategy ws a delivery-focused document. All of the individual projects within it had their own project plans, which would be used to monitor progress on a quarterly basis, as part of the Council's performance management framework. The success of the Regeneration Strategy would be measured against a number of key measures and reported to Cabinet and Renaissance annually. Details of the measures were provided to Members.

RECOMMENDED that Council approve the Regeneration Strategy for Stockton 2007- 2012.
Reasons for the Decision
To assist in the Regeneration of the Borough, one of the most critical challenge facing the Council.

Alternative Options Considered and Rejected
Declared (Cabinet Member) Conflicts of Interest
Councillor Nelson declared a personal, non prejudicial interest in this item as he was a member of the Tristar Homes Management Board and Tees Valley Unlimited Board(s)

Councillor Cook declared a personal, non prejudicial interest in this item as he was a member of Tees Valley Unlimited Board(s).

Councillor Lupton declared a personal, non prejudicial interest in this item as he served on the Durham and Tees Valley Airport Management Board.
Details of any Dispensations
Date and Time by which Call In must be executed
Not applicable

Date of Publication: 01 October 2007

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