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Cabinet Decision: 25th October 2007
Title of Item/Report
People Strategy 2007 - 2010
Record of the Decision
Members considered a report that sought approval for the People Strategy and accompanying Action Plan.

It was explained that the Council had had an HR Strategy in place since 2001. The last strategy was developed in 2004 and it was time to refresh where the Council was and what was needed to help the Council deliver its priorities. The changing local government environment, with the growth of partnership working and shared services meant it was necessary to re consider future skill needs and facilitate different ways of working. Improved workforce information had helped to focus and prioritise actions in a more strategic way.

Members were advised that workforce information had been gathered and the information would be used to help shape the priorities of the Council and the HR Strategy. The Council had processes in train, supported by the HR service to tackle some of these issues, but this would be developed in a more strategic way. It was noted that workforce planning information would therefore be a key element of the new HR strategy.

It was explained that the research into developing the strategy identified the need for a less reactive, more strategic HR service providing clear and consistent advice whilst enabling managers to take responsibility for the performance of their staff.

It was advised that the strategy had been put together with the help of managers, employees and Trade Unions. Five high level goals had been developed from the discussions and from the assessment of Council priorities and the changing environment. These were:

Developing the Organisation; achieving excellence in leadership and management
Becoming a modern and diverse employer, supporting flexible working practices, with the ability to recruit and retain a diverse workforce, representative of the community
Developing internal effectiveness and capacity ensuring that HR has the skills and resources to help Stockton achieve its objectives
Developing workforce skills and capacity to ensure the Council have employees with the right skills, qualifications and competencies at all levels of the organisation.
Providing a safe and healthy working environment and engaging with our employees with effective two way communication

It was explained that in order to achieve this transition, the Strategy included a set of high level actions under each of the key goals, prioritised over the period 2007 - 2010. The next step would be to develop detailed action plans against each of the headings using the Council's project planning guidance.

It was noted that the broad success criteria were set out against each high level action. In some cases, because benchmark data was in its early stage of development, the initial action would be to develop the data.

Members were presented with a copy of the People Strategy.

RESOLVED that the People Strategy and Action Plan be approved.
Reasons for the Decision
This strategy supports Cabinet priorities and its core vision for the Borough of promoting achievement and tackling disadvantage. It sets out how we will develop our people to deliver corporate goals, deliver value to customers and make Stockton an even better place to live and work.
Alternative Options Considered and Rejected
Declared (Cabinet Member) Conflicts of Interest
Details of any Dispensations
Not applicable
Date and Time by which Call In must be executed
By no later than midnight on Friday 2nd November 2007

Date of Publication: 30 October 2007

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