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Cabinet Decision: 4th December 2008
Title of Item/Report
Codes of Conduct For Local Authority Members and Employees - A Consultation
Record of the Decision
Cabinet was reminded that the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007 had introduced new arrangements and a more locally based conduct regime, including a new model code of conduct for local authority members.

A recent White Paper - Communities in Control: Real people, real power sought to build on those new arrangements. Cabinet considered a copy extract of a consultation paper, issued by the Department of Communities and Local Government, and were asked to provided views on proposals:-

• revising the current model code of conduct for local authority members;
• regarding associated changes to the general principles of conduct; and on proposals;
• for a new statutory model code of conduct for local government employees.

Members were provided with a summary of proposed changes to the current code and General Principles of Conduct. Details of proposals for the introduction of a model code of conduct, for local government employees were also provided.

The Department for Communities and Local Government had requested views on the consultation paper by 24th December 2008.

It was explained that the Standards Committee had considered the consultation paper and a summary of its views was provided. The consultation paper would be reported to the Audit Committee too. The Human Resources Strategy Group (HRSG) had also considered the paper. The Group’s views were consistent with the Standards Committee’s, save as regards questions 17,18,21 and 22 of the paper. Details of HRSG’s comments on these questions were provided to Members. It was agreed that the views expressed by the group on questions 18,21 and 22 should be incorporated into the response, but that as regards question 17 the selection of “qualifying employees” should be based on the political restriction model, rather than on the delegation model as suggested by HRSG.

It was noted that, as the consultation period expired on 24th December, it would not be possible to await Council’s consideration of Cabinet views on the paper’s proposals.

It was therefore agreed to forward an appropriate response to the consultation prior to the deadline, making it clear that further comments may arise from the next full Council meeting on 21 January 2008.

RECOMMENDED to Council that:-

1. the report and related consultation paper be considered.

2. views be provided on the specific questions summarised at Annex A to the paper, and that

3. an appropriate responses is made to Communities and Local Government in accordance with the process detailed above, and as detailed in the Cabinet report and as discussed at the meeting.
Reasons for the Decision
To ensure that the Council’s views on the consultation paper’s proposals are submitted to Communities and Local Government before 24 December deadline
Alternative Options Considered and Rejected
Declared (Cabinet Member) Conflicts of Interest
Details of any Dispensations
Not Applicable
Date and Time by which Call In must be executed
Not Applicable

Date of Publication: 08 December 2008

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