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Cabinet Decision: 5th March 2009
Title of Item/Report
Christmans Festival and Stockton International Riverside Festival Review 2008
Record of the Decision
Consideration was given to a report that presented the outcomes and outputs for the Christmas Festival and Markets 2008, and Stockton International Riverside Festival (SIRF) 2008 to inform future investment and programming.

Members of Cabinet were provided with a summary of the events which formed part of the Stockton Christmas Festival and Market 2008 together with a summary of feedback received from visitors and businesses. Cabinet was also given details of the way forward in terms of festival timings and programming, events, locations and marketing.

Additionally a summary of the events for SIRF 2008 was provided as were statistics, taken from the annual SIRF Visitor Survey. Information relating to marketing and publicity, technical and safety management and disability access audit was also included in the report.

It was explained that the programme of festivals was to be expanded further in 2009. A spring festival based on the Tees Regatta and the Infinity Bridge opening was planned for May, summer festivals including SIRF 2009, a River Festival in August and BIFF were proposed, whilst ideas for festivals based around other religions, such as Diwali or Eid, were being considered as part of the festival programme. The winter festival of Stockton Sparkles including the Christmas and Market 2009 concluded the programme.

It was noted that to supplement the programme of festivals further events would be planned throughout the year with many of these also being focussed on improving footfall and spend across the Borough’s town centres.


1. feedback received on the Christmas Festival & Market 2008 and SIRF 2008 be noted.

2. the outline proposals for taking forward the 2009 Christmas Festival & Market be agreed.
Reasons for the Decision
To report back on two major festivals so that future investment and programming can be targeted towards achieving more appeal amongst residents of the Borough and visitors alike, and in doing so help to support existing businesses in Stockton Town Centre.
Alternative Options Considered and Rejected
Declared (Cabinet Member) Conflicts of Interest
Details of any Dispensations
Not applicable
Date and Time by which Call In must be executed
Midnight on Friday 13th March 2009

Date of Publication: 09 March 2009

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