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Cabinet Decision: 30th September 2010
Title of Item/Report
Environment Development Plan Document Issues and Options
Record of the Decision
Cabinet considered a report relating to the Environment Development Plan Document Issues and Options.

Members were advised that Issues and Options was the first stage of the consultation process. This report detailed issues affecting the natural, historic and rural environment of Stockton-on-Tees Borough and invited the public and stakeholders to make comments on which options they felt were most appropriate for dealing with those issues. The issues and options paper presented the chance to consider how different policy options might deliver or hinder those broader local community priorities and would test whether those choices fitted well with national policy and guidance.

The report detailed an overarching approach to mitigating and adapting to the affects of climate change and delivering green infrastructure. With the following four main themes providing the main content of the report:

THEME 1 Natural Environment - planning policies on the protection and enhancement of the natural environment

THEME 2 Historic Environment - policies on the conservation and, where appropriate, enhancement, of the built heritage within the Borough.

THEME 3 Rural Environment - policies on rural character and diversification

THEME 4 Urban Open Space - policies on the strategic management of green spaces throughout the Borough

In accordance with the Local Development Scheme the document was intended to go out for public consultation in November/December 2010.

Members were provided with access to the Environment DPD Issues and Options report and noted that it was available in the Members' Library, the Electronic Members' Library (accessible through the Council Intranet) and the Council's web site via e genda.

RECOMMENDED to Council that

1. the Environment DPD be approved for public consultation.

2. authority to make further amendments to the document, prior to publication for consultation, be delegated to the Head of Planning in consultation with the Chair of the Local Development Framework Steering Group
Reasons for the Decision
In 2004, the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act introduced major changes in the way decisions about the long term planning and development of areas are made. The Act requires local authorities to prepare and maintain a ‘Local Development Framework', to replace existing local plans.

The Local Development Framework was an umbrella term and would actually comprise a number of planning documents otherwise called ‘Local Development Documents' which together would set out the Council's long term planning policies and proposals.

The Environment DPD was a key Local Development Document which would provide site specific designations and guidance which added more detail to the strategic policies set out in the Core Strategy.

The LDS sets out the timetable for the preparation of the documents that comprised the LDF that would collectively comprise the Borough wide Local Development Framework. The Issues and Options stage was the first stage in the process. There were a number of further stages with the scheduled adoption date for the Environment DPD being December 2013
Alternative Options Considered and Rejected
Declared (Cabinet Member) Conflicts of Interest
Not applicable
Details of any Dispensations
Not applicable
Date and Time by which Call In must be executed
Not applicable

Date of Publication: 04 October 2010

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