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Cabinet Decision: 17th February 2011
Title of Item/Report
Employee Survey 2010 - Feedback
Record of the Decision
Members considered a report relating to the Council's Employee Survey 2010. The Survey was undertaken between 8th October - 5th November 2010 and included 3,974 employees.

The survey was primarily undertaken on-line. In addition paper surveys were made available to those without Internet access. KYIT was used for a month before the survey, to publicise the survey and throughout to maintain momentum.

In total 2,385 surveys were completed giving an overall response rate of 60%. This compared with a response rate of 44% in 2008. The high response rates means that the statistical confidence in the data was strong.

The areas within the 2008 survey that were subject to focus group discussions and improvement plans related to Communication, Learning and Development and Bullying and harassment. These had all shown improvements in the 2010 survey. Detailed improvements were provided in an appendix to the report but it was noted that comparisons were not possible against all areas of survey due to new questions and/or question changes to improve analysis.

The Committee noted some of the key messages to come from the survey. These included:-

High levels of agreement that employees were clear what they had to do and how their job fitted in. On the whole employees felt their skills and abilities were used and that they were challenged, but interested by their work and achieved a sense of personal accomplishment.

Fifteen per cent of employees had experienced bullying from either an employee or member of the public. This was a reduction from the 29% in 2008. (Employee).

52% (net) of employees felt that when change was being considered their views were listened to.

While the figures for the number of people who had had an appraisal in the previous twelve months were relatively high at 82% net (although different from that reported through to HR) only 56% of staff responding agreed that they found their appraisal useful.

Overall communications were the lowest scoring thematic area with the highest net score being 68% for being kept informed about matters ‘that affect me'

Overall the responses in relation to people's views about working for the Council were high ranging from 86% enjoying working for the Council to 64% thinking the Council took a genuine interest in the well-being of employees.

Positive results were evident in the main for relationships and resources with net scores as high as 90% for employees receiving effective support from their colleagues, 87% for having a clear set of performance objectives. However there are slightly lower numbers in net agreement in relation to poor performance not being accepted (66%), comfort with the amount of work expected (66%) and even lower was the time available to perform expected tasks (49%).

Members noted the key issues arising from the 2010 Employee Survey:-

Change management
Working and communication between departments
Appraisals and their perceived effectiveness.
Policies for promotion
Regular and helpful feedback to staff/recognising good work
Confidence and understanding of bullying policies, particularly related to employee bullying
Managing amount of work and tackling poor performance

Cabinet noted what arrangements were in place to deal with the issues identified through the survey.


1. the improvements across all aspects of the Survey since 2008 be noted

2. all Members are made aware of the Employee Survey and proposed actions.
Reasons for the Decision
To inform members of the details and key issues arising from the Employee Survey 2010.
Alternative Options Considered and Rejected
Declared (Cabinet Member) Conflicts of Interest
Details of any Dispensations
Not applicable
Date and Time by which Call In must be executed
Midnight on 25 February 2011

Date of Publication: 21 February 2011

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