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Cabinet Decision: 14th July 2011
Title of Item/Report
Parkside Day Centre
Record of the Decision
Cabinet considered a report relating to day care services for older people within the Borough.

It was explained that the Council supported two separate sites: Halcyon Centre at Thornaby and Parkside at Billingham, A specific Day Care Service for older people with mental health needs is also provided from the Kitwood Unit within the Halcyon Centre facility.

. Cabinet was informed that the Halcyon Centre was a spacious, well appointed building with ample room for a wide range of activities to be carried out simultaneously. It also had extensive enclosed gardens and raised vegetable plots where clients with a desire to be involved in gardening could continue that interest. For others the enjoyment of a quite spot to sit, and the soon to be developed sensory garden could be enjoyed for its beauty alone. Parkside Day Care Centre was less well appointed and was constrained by inadequate activity lounges and communal spaces. The garden was substantial but had not been developed beyond lawns and a pathway. The linking corridor in the centre itself was narrow and made passing, even for those with good mobility, difficult. Introduction of a wide range of activities at Parkside had been restricted due to those spatial limitations.

The Adult E.I.T. review acknowledged the outcome of the Fair Access to Care (FACS) E.I.T. review. In April 2011 the Council decided to provide services to clients who were assessed as having substantial or critical needs within the recognised banding structure.

The impact on service provision as a result of the FACS banding recognised that in the future, clients will have increased dependency and therefore at greater risk of requiring long term care. Clients who required a higher level of support were currently referred to Halcyon when Parkside was unable to provide identified needs.

It was explained that the service at Parkside Day Centre was well attended with approximately 25% of attendees living at Norton and the remaining 75% from Billingham, and while overall numbers registered for services had increased during the past two years the average daily attendance had remained comparatively unchanged. This was due to clients accessing services for fewer days each week than was historically the case. The reason for this was in part attributable to a greater number of alternative service options being available to clients through direct payments and self directed care.

The Day Centre building was no longer fit for purpose, and the shortcomings of the building would become more evident as clients with greater mobility problems and increased dependency were referred for services under the current FACS banding. Parkside was also unable to provide adequate services to younger adults due to limited facilities.

Transport by the Community Transport Service was an important component of Day Care Services and the Transport Manager had worked closely with officers to ensure client concerns regarding transport were addressed. Calculations on current client attendance to Parkside, estimated an average of 10 to 15 minutes more travel will be required to transport all clients who required it from their homes to the Halcyon Centre.

Members received financial information and noted that the unit cost of the current day care services combined at Parkside and Halcyon was 21.18. If the services were provided at the Halcyon Centre only savings of 56,432 would be realised and the unit cost was anticipated to fall to 19.38 per day.

Members noted the extensive consultation that had been undertaken with employee groups, Trade Unions and other stakeholders. It was explained that a petition containing 234 valid signatures, requesting that the Council stop the proposed closure of Parkside had been received. The lead petitioner was present at the meeting and addressed Cabinet.


1. the services currently delivered at Parkside Day Care Centre be re provided at the Halcyon Centre

2.current employees from Parkside Day Care Centre be relocated to Halcyon Centre where applicable.
Reasons for the Decision
This was the final phase of the year 1 EIT review of Adult Operational Services. As a result of earlier cabinet decisions there was the opportunity to re-provide the Day Service from Parkside in Billingham where the building was no longer fit for purpose and restricted activities, to the refurbished, modern and spacious Halcyon Centre in Thornaby. The EIT programme's aim was to maintain high performance, continue to improve satisfaction and enable further improvement across the borough. This proposal would achieve those aims.
Alternative Options Considered and Rejected
Declared (Cabinet Member) Conflicts of Interest
Details of any Dispensations
Not applicable
Date and Time by which Call In must be executed
Not later than Midnight on Friday 22 July 2011

Date of Publication: 18 July 2011

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