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Cabinet Decision: 19th April 2012
Title of Item/Report
EIT Task & Finish Review of Human Resources and Review of Communications
Record of the Decision
Consideration was given to the findings of the EIT Task and Finish Review of Human Resources and the review of Communications.

Human Resources Service undertook an EIT review originally in October 2010 via a phased approach. Phase 1 was completed in December 2010 and achieved savings of 207k whilst Phase 2 had been scheduled to be completed by 31st March 2012 with total savings of 322k required. However, the retirement of the Head of Human Resources resulted in the decision to combine the review of the service with Communications. Once this decision was taken it was decided to defer the rest of the HR review until the new Head of Service appointment was made. This provided an opportunity for the new Head of Service to input into the review and allow the new combined service to be reviewed together.

The proposals sought to ensure that the combined HR and Communications service continued to improve as well as achieve efficiencies. Within Human Resources, 10 posts had now been been deleted, 7 of which were at a senior level and 5.3 posts created. Within Communications, 3 posts had been deleted and three posts created. Two of these were at a more junior level and one was a temporary post for one year.

The introduction of two new roles of HR Manager and Communications Manager sought to ensure there was sufficient strategic capability at a senior level as well as delivering clear and workable management arrangements. These posts were particularly important as the New Head of Service post covered a wider Service.

The review of Human Resources and Communications had therefore now been completed and the required savings target achieved. Members present also wished to record their appreciation for the work undertaken by Julia Spittle, the retiring Head of Human Resources, during her time in post and wished her well for her retirement.

RESOLVED that the outcome of the Human Resources Task and Finish EIT review and review of Communications, be approved.
Reasons for the Decision
As part of the Council's EIT Programme, a review has been undertaken with the aim of identifying options for future strategy, policy and service provision within the Human Resources and Communications Service that will deliver efficiency savings while sustaining/improving high quality outcomes for SBC residents.
Alternative Options Considered and Rejected
Declared (Cabinet Member) Conflicts of Interest
Details of any Dispensations
Not applicable
Date and Time by which Call In must be executed
Midnight on Friday 27 April 2012

Date of Publication: 30 April 2012

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