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Cabinet Decision: 11th July 2013
Title of Item/Report
Local Strategic Partnership
Record of the Decision
Consideration was given to a report on the proposals for updating the strategic document for the LSP, the partnership arrangements and infrastructure. The proposals took account of changes in statutory requirements associated with the current LSP infrastructure and discussions with stakeholders.

The recommendations presented took account of all of these changes and feedback.

The report also included summary information relating to the review of the Compact, which was an agreement that aimed to ensure that the partners within the LSP infrastructure work effectively to achieve common goals and outcomes for the benefit of local residents.

The proposed new infrastructure for the LSP was shown diagrammatically and attached to the report with accountability lines, relationships and key strategic documents clearly indicated.

With regard to the next steps the Community Engagement Team and Democratic Services would:-

• make the necessary changes to the various terms of reference
• work with Catalyst to communicate the Cabinet decision to the voluntary and community sector
• work with Catalyst to ensure selection of representatives to the remaining thematic partnerships and election to the Area Partnerships (following the development of the role descriptors and training)
• communicate the Cabinet decision to all of the relevant stakeholders within the LSP infrastructure
• instigate discussions with Infinity and the Campus Stockton Collaborative
• make the necessary amendments to the ‘Outside Bodies' list
• make the necessary amendments to the Cabinet report template and advise officers

It was outlined that The Compact was an agreement amongst the partners within the LSP infrastructure to comply with a set of shared principles and joint commitments to build relationships and work together effectively. The authority and its partners had historically signed up to the Compact, which was due for renewal in 2012. Agreement was reached with the VCS that any review of the Compact should take place after the refresh of the LSP.

There was a national Compact in place and it was supported nationally and locally by Compact Voice. It was essentially a set of principles, agreed by the statutory, voluntary and community sectors, whereby all parties agree to work together, recognise and value the diversity that exists in society generally and in Stockton-on-Tees. It could cover a variety of factors including consultation, representation of the Third Sector, commissioning etc.

The review of the Compact was part of the business plan for 13/14 for the Policy, Improvement and Engagement and would be presented to Cabinet for approval.

In light of the on-going changes impacting on all sectors represented within the LSP infrastructure it was recommended that these arrangements were subject to review in 2015.


1. The revised approach to the Local Strategic Partnership be agreed.

2. A further review of the LSP arrangements in 2015 be agreed.

3. It be agreed to replace the Sustainable Community Strategy as the key strategic document for the LSP with the Family Poverty Framework renamed as ‘A Brighter Borough for All - Tackling Family Poverty across Stockton-on-Tees'.

4. The separate branding for Stockton Renaissance be abolished with the arrangements named as Stockton Local Strategic Partnership and Area Partnerships as Locality Forums be agreed.

5. The arrangements for reviewing the Compact be noted.
Reasons for the Decision
There is no longer a statutory requirement to have a local strategic partnership or a Sustainable Community Strategy. The report and recommendations take account of this and that there are some elements within the LSP infrastructure that remain statutorily required. The recommendations are also based on changes to the LSP infrastructure that take account of feedback from Members, officers and key stakeholders about the on going need for some elements of the infrastructure and proposals to build on what has worked well.
Alternative Options Considered and Rejected
Declared (Cabinet Member) Conflicts of Interest
Details of any Dispensations
Date and Time by which Call In must be executed
Midnight on Friday, 19th July 2013

Date of Publication: 15 July 2013

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