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Cabinet Decision: 4th December 2014
Title of Item/Report
Children & Young People Scrutiny Review - School Admission And School Organisatiion Priorities Including The Consultation Document For Admission Of Pupils To Primary & Secondary Schools In September 2016
Record of the Decision
Consideration was given to a report on the Children and Young People Scrutiny Review - School Admission and School Organisation Priorities Including the Consultation Document for Admission of Pupils to Primary and Secondary Schools in September 2016.

Attached to the report was a consultation document including appendices and maps that outlined the admission arrangements the Local Authority (LA) was proposing for primary and secondary schools in September 2016. In order to comply with legislation for admissions in 2016, the consultation document included the full Co-ordinated Admission Arrangements and Admission Numbers for Primary and Secondary Schools for that year in addition to two priorities focussing on:-

(i) The proposed admission zones changes to primary schools in Ingleby Barwick
(ii) The proposed admission zone changes to secondary schools in the South of the Borough

On 20 November, the Children and Young People Select Committee were provided with finalised proposals following pre-statutory consultation prior to the statutory consultation commencing. The Select Committee noted that during the pre-statutory consultation period, the proposals had evolved to take on board feedback from schools and parents. The Select Committee commended officers on the transparency and inclusivity of the pre-statutory consultation process, commenting that the consultation had been a genuine and worthwhile exercise resulting in improved proposals. The Committee were satisfied that the revised proposals for statutory consultation had taken on board comments received and commend them to Cabinet for approval.

The Committee also welcomed the inclusion of a summary and highlighted changes in the consultation document and supported the holding of public meetings in January as part of the consultation in addition to consultation with Parish Councils.


The Consultation document (Appendix A) be agreed including Appendices 1, 2 & 3 and Maps 1 to 4 attached and to the items mentioned herein:-

1) The proposed changes to the School Admissions Code (paragraph 1)

2) The proposed Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme for Primary, Secondary, Voluntary Aided (VA) schools, Academies and Free School (paragraph 2 and Appendix 1)

3) The proposed admission numbers for Primary and Secondary schools for September 2016 (paragraph 3 and Appendix 2)

4) The proposed admission zone changes to primary schools in Ingleby Barwick (paragraph 4 and Maps 1 & 2)

5) The proposed admission zone arrangement for secondary schools in the South of the Borough (paragraph 5 and Maps 3 & 4)

6) The proposed Admission Policy for September 2016 (paragraph 6 and Appendix 3 of this report)

It was also noted that:-

7) Increase in the number of places at Ash Trees Primary School for September 2015 from 124 to 150 (paragraph 7)

8) The LA approach to Primary places for north/central Stockton (paragraph 8)
Reasons for the Decision
Legislation requires the LA to publish information to be available for parents when they apply for a place at primary and secondary school. The information has to comply with the published 2012 School Admissions Code. The LA is required to set admission arrangements accordingly and lodge a copy of the Co-ordinated Admission Arrangements with the Secretary of State by the 15 April 2015 for admission to Primary and Secondary schools in September 2016.
Alternative Options Considered and Rejected
Declared (Cabinet Member) Conflicts of Interest
Details of any Dispensations
Date and Time by which Call In must be executed
Midnight on Friday, 12th December 2014

Date of Publication: 08 December 2014

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