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Cabinet Decision: 16th July 2015
Title of Item/Report
Performance Outturn Report - Year End 2014/15
Record of the Decision
Consideration was given to a report on Performance Outturn Report - Year End 2014/15.

The report provided details of the Council's performance in 2014/15, highlighting key achievements, areas for improvement and proposed actions. It also included information relating to Freedom of Information requests and complaints and commendations. Whilst it aimed to give a perspective on the overall performance of the Council, its primary focus was on the achievement of the basket of measures and associated targets agreed as part of the Council Plan 2014-17.

Council Plan performance was reported by theme against a basket of performance indicators agreed as part of the Council Plan 2014-17. At year end, 60.7% of the indicators had achieved the targets set. This figure related to the indicators for which year-end data was available. There were 11 of the measures where data was not yet available (these were indicated in the thematic summaries). This compared to 66.7% last year. Once the full data set was available this overall performance figure could change. Performance within each theme was within the report. This included areas of good performance, together with key achievements, and details of those areas where there had been slippage against targets along with proposed actions to improve performance and / or an explanation. A number of these areas were also the subject of regular reports to Cabinet, current scrutiny reviews or incorporated into big ticket reviews.

It was noted that the levels of performance had been achieved within a context of ambitious targets being set in order to help drive our aspirations for the borough and its people. During the period of this plan the authority had continued to see a significant reduction in both financial and staffing resources.

There were a wide range of achievements and progress against the key Council Plan themes that were not captured within the basket of key performance indicators but were reported throughout the year in various reports to Cabinet, captured through press releases, Stockton News articles and various accolades awarded to the Council throughout the year. Further detail of this activity was included in thematic summary reports attached to the report.

The Leader of the Council wished it to be recorded that the thanks of Cabinet should be passed on to Council staff for the good level of performance that had been achieved despite the austerity measures that had taken place within the Council


1. The levels of performance and proposed actions be noted.

2. Consideration be given in the development of the Council Plan 2016-19, to the performance and target issues raised through the report.
Reasons for the Decision
To consider details of the Council's performance for 2014/15.
Alternative Options Considered and Rejected
Declared (Cabinet Member) Conflicts of Interest
Details of any Dispensations
Date and Time by which Call In must be executed
24th July 2015

Date of Publication: 20 July 2015

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