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Cabinet Decision: 14th November 2019
Title of Item/Report
Procurement Plan / Higher Value Contracts
Record of the Decision
Consideration was given to a report on the award of a number of planned higher value contracts, where the value exceeds the limit on officer delegated authority, and which were either funded within the approved MTFP or were subject to a bid for external funding.

The constitution defined a range of decisions that required a specific Cabinet approval, the financial threshold for was set at a level of 500k or more. Annex 1 of the report listed the procurement projects over 500k that were underway and due for contract award. The value of the individual contracts each exceeded the financial threshold and had not otherwise been delegated to officers.


1. The contracts listed in Annex 1 of the report be approved.

2. Delegated authority be given to the relevant Director or Assistant Director to make the specific contract award decisions and any subsequent contract extension decisions in accordance with the delegations listed in Annex 1 of the report.
Reasons for the Decision
To enable Cabinet to exercise its strategic oversight of higher value planned procurement projects, in accordance with the updated constitution and to avoid the need to submit multiple individual requests for contract approvals.
Alternative Options Considered and Rejected
Declared (Cabinet Member) Conflicts of Interest
Councillor Steve Nelson declared a disclosable pecuniary interest in respect of agenda item 8 - Procurement Plan / Higher Value Contracts as he was a Director of Thirteen. Councillor Steve Nelson withdrew from the meeting and left the room during consideration of the item.
Details of any Dispensations
Date and Time by which Call In must be executed
Midnight, 22 November 2019.

Date of Publication: 18 November 2019

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