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Adult Services and Health Select Committee Minutes

Tuesday, 7th October, 2014
First Floor Committee Room, Town Hall, High Street, Stockton, TS18 1AU
Please note: all Minutes are subject to approval at the next Meeting

Attendance Details

Cllr Mohammed Javed(Chairman), Cllr Kevin Faulks(Vice-Chairman), Cllr Paul Baker, Cllr Elliot Kennedy, Cllr Ray McCall, Cllr Norma Wilburn, Cllr Mrs Mary Womphrey, Deborah Miller
Jane Humphreys, Sean McEneaney, Simon Willson, Liz Hanley(CESC), Peter Kelly(Public Health), Peter Mennear and Kirsty Wannop(LDS)
In Attendance:
Cllr Jim Beall(Cabinet Member for Adult Services & Health)
Apologies for absence:
Cllr Evaline Cunningham, Cllr Mrs Sylvia Walmsley.
Item Description Decision
The minutes of the meetings held on 15th April 2014, 29th April 2014, 10th June 2014 and 22nd July 2014 were signed by the Chair as a correct record.
AGREED that the information be noted and the information requested be provided.
AGREED that the information be noted.
AGREED that the Draft Local Account be noted.


Cllr Mohammed Javed declared a disclosable pecuniary interest as he was employed by Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust. Cllr Javed had been granted a dispensation in this regard.

Cllr Ray McCall declared a personal interest as he was an Associate Hospital Manager for Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust.
Members considered a report that provided details of the adult social care services during 2013/14. The main information included:-
- Adult Social Care had as previously delivered its services within budget.
- Information on legislative framework and the changes that would be required from the Care Act 2014.
- Key data on clients provided with services over 2013/14, new clients assessed, clients provided with short term interventions to enable independent living, clients provided with equipment or adaptations to support them in their own home and admissions to residential & nursing care during the period.
- Details of the changing demographics for Stockton and the ageing population.
- Details of the key achievements, challenges and emerging issues.

It was noted that progress had been good relating to the placement of learning disability clients known to the Council and CCG following the work to address issues emanating from the Winterbourne View review. However further information was needed on clients funded by NHS England, and this was a regional issue that was being taken up with the Department of Health.

The Care Home Quality Standards Framework had been rolled out following the pilot and the results would be reported to a future meeting of the Committee. There had been a general improvement locally and the Church View was awarded the Gold Standard Framework (end of life care) care home of the year award.

The Chair of the Tees-wide Adult Safeguarding Board had been appointed, and A Multi -Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) to cover both Stockton and Hartlepool children's services was being developed, an work would be needed to link this to the frontline service.

The Committee were also provided with a performance update for quarter 4 of 2013/14. Information was given on the key performance indicators that included details of:-
- Overall satisfaction of people who used services with their care and support.
- Rate of satisfaction of carers with social care services
- All eligible service users to be in receipt of self-directed support
- Increase the proportion of Self Directed Support service users who convert their personal budget to a direct payment to manage their own support plan
- Proportion of service users who have control over their daily life
- Increase the proportion of people still at home 91 days after discharge from hospital into reablement provision
- Safeguarding - proportion of repeat referrals
- Safeguarding - proportion of referrals that are fully or partly substantiated
- Proportion of people who use services who say that those services have made them feel safe and secure
- The proportion of people who use services and carers who find it easy to find information about services
- Increase the proportion of carers who are in receipt of information, advice or support.

Information was also given on the general thematic performance issues.

It was noted that a recent 2013-14 Regional Benchmarking Report covering performance information across adult, children’s and public health services indicates that there are particular challenges facing the Tees Valley area, and further work is needed to understand this. It was requested that this information be provided as part of the next six-monthly performance update to the Committee.

The Committee discussed the overall budget for Adult Services and the achievement of savings plans. It was noted that the Care Act changes to eligibility could see up to twenty five per cent more clients becoming eligible for services. The Cabinet Member noted that he was pleased with the progress on savings made by the Adult Board and that he kept closely informed of developments.

Members queried the level of employment of people with disabilities within the Council itself, specifically job carving placements. This information would be provided following the meeting. It was noted the Council needed to be a good example to other local organisations, and reference was also made to the STEPS employment support service. Members noted that it was important for employability support to be introduced to clients from an early stage and throughout transition.

The percentage of all learning disability clients in work had increased from 6.6% at the end of Quarter 3 to 8.9% by end of Q1 2014-15 which equated to fifty four people, which was higher than the England average.

It was noted that the conversion of personal budgets to self-managed direct payments was c 21% at the end of September, based on a local indicator (used for benchmarking in the NE Region). Whilst our performance, as reported nationally, can appear to be low, this is because the national definition takes account of all clients a Council provide services for as a whole, including aids and adaptations and some other services which would not be eligible for direct payments. It was noted that the key issue is to ensure that clients are offered the choice of how their personal budget is managed. Differences within clients groups showed a higher take up amongst physical disability clients compared to older people.

The Committee queried the development of autism services and the conversion of Ware Street. This service had started with five young people identified in transition, and the service may be expanded to take in more clients from Stockton and other areas.
The Committee considered a report that provided the latest information on the state of the health and well-being of the population of the Borough and the work of the Public Health team during 2013/14. The main information included:-
- The five mandatory services identified in the health and Social Care Act that must be provided and were transferred to the Local Authority and what they meant for Stockton.
- The non mandatory services that were also transferred to the Local Authority and the work Stockton was doing.
- Details on the Health and Wellbeing Strategy that had been approved by Cabinet and Council and provided an overarching framework.
- Details on the health and Wellbeing Board and its supporting Partnerships and Commissioning Groups.
- The Public Health annual report and three key challenges highlighted within it. These were highlighted as being three simple but key messages that had the potential to have a big impact on child development and health.

It was noted that average life expectancy was approaching the national average, but there was a significant gap of 16 years between the most and least deprived areas, which was the widest in England.

The Cabinet Member noted that there had been some positive ideas generated by the pilot Member health and wellbeing programme using non-recurrent funding to address local issues. £5k had been made available to each Councillor and the learning from the ideas would be evaluated and shared

It was noted that thirty thousand people in Stockton were classed as obese. The Adult and Young People’s Weight Management Services had been reviewed and the focus had been changed so that all children and young people would be guaranteed care following a referral.

The Chair noted the success of the Go Warm scheme in Parkfield and the importance of such measures.

The Chair noted the impact of domestic violence on males and the links to issues surrounding forced marriages within some communities. The Director of Public Health requested further information on the issue. It was also noted that the Public Health team would welcome the opportunity to attend community groups to raise important issues and gain feedback.
The Committee was provided with a copy of the draft Local Account for Adult Services for 2013/14. The Local Account was a document that looked back at the year. Members were informed that the draft local account would be considered by Cabinet in November 2014.

As part of the Better Care Fund, a Multi-Disciplinary Service was being developed in partnership with the NHS, Housing and the VCES in order to prevent admissions to hospital and 24hour Care and better manage peoples long term health and social care needs. This should be piloted by April 2015.

It was noted that better advice and information was key to the delivery of adult services.
The Committee noted its work programme. The meeting of 14th October had been re-arranged for 30th October.
The Chair had nothing to udpate.

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