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Children and Young People's Partnership Minutes

Wednesday, 21st June, 2017
1.30 p.m
Jim Cooke Conference Suite, Stockton Central Libraray, Stockton on Tees, TS18 1TU
Please note: all Minutes are subject to approval at the next Meeting

Attendance Details

Martin Gray (Chair),

Bev Bearne (SBC)Sarah Bowman-Abouna (SBC), Priti Butler (Big Life), Rhona Bollands (SBC), Emma Champley(SBC), Jennifer Milson (sub for Helen Barker) (Cleveland Police) Rhona Bollands (SBC), Cllr Mrs Ann McCoy(SBC), Diane McConnell(SBC), Janet Mackie(NTHFT), Steve Rose (Catalyst), Jo Heaney (CCG)
Kirsty Wannop (SBC) (MH Mins)
In Attendance:
Kath Bullock, Jacklin Small (NTHFT), Nicola Childs (CCG)
Apologies for absence:
Chris Davies (TEWV), Mark Flannery (SRC), Helen Barker (Cleveland Police), Hazel Ducker (Primary School Rep), Maryssa O'Connor (Secondary School Rep), Amanda Taylor (Action for Children), Jane Barker (NTHFT)
Item Description Decision
RESOLVED that the information be noted and a further report be received at a future meeting.
RESOLVED that the report and discussion be noted and further updates be provided to future meeting.
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RESOLVED that the report be noted.
RESOLVED that the report be noted.
RESOLVED that the report be noted.
RESOLVED that the Forward Plan be noted.


There were no declarations of interest.
The minutes of the meeting held on 19 April 2017 were confirmed as a correct record.
Members were provided with the background leading to the publication of NHS England's Better Births review document, that looked to improve the outcomes of maternity services in England.

The vision that came from the review was:

‘ …Maternity services across England to become safer, more personalised, kinder, professional and more family friendly…'

The review document set out what this vision meant for the planning, design and safe delivery of services; how women, babies and families would be able to get the type of care they wanted; and how staff would be supported to deliver such care.

Recommendations related to the following broad areas:

- Personalised care
- Continuity of carer
- Safer care
- Better postnatal and perinatal mental healthcare
- Multi-professional working
- Working across boundaries
- Payment system

It was noted that implementation of the recommendations, coming from the review, was a priority and was being overseen at a national and local level (including within the STP).

Members discussed the information provided:

- It was noted that the voice of the woman was a priority in any new service.

- There would be a focus on outcomes achieved and measuring and monitoring services.

- Other services would have a role, for instance it would be important that women were as healthy as possible before conceiving.

- Women must have more choice of where they delivered.

- Personalisation would be factored into maternity services but detail had not been worked through.

- Commissioners needed to look beyond their own boundaries to develop services for their communities and those in neighbouring CCGs.

- An action plan was being developed and would be completed by October at regional and STP level.

- The government had set a target to reduce still births and neo natal deaths by 2030.

Members were provided with updates on:

- Breastfeeding
- Saving babies lives
- Perinatal Mental Health
- Smoking cessation
- Reducing maternal and neonatal mortality and

Members were informed that the better births local action plan would need to be agreed by the STP Board.

There would be local engagement events around the action plan linked in to STP.

Further report to come back relating to the action plan.
Members received a report relating to information sharing issues.

The Partnership was provided with details of four key areas that, it was agreed, should be initially looked at:

•North Tees and Hartlepool Foundation Trust did not share, with the Council's early years' team, information on birth and termination data. This reduced the Council's ability to plan early years' services effectively.

•North Tees and Hartlepool Foundation Trust did not share with the Council's SEN Team the names and details of children and young people who it suspected, or knew, had SEN needs. It was believed that this was in contravention of the duty in the SEN Code of Practice.

• The Children's Hub was not always sharing information with the Council's Early Help Team about families who may benefit from receiving early help support. Consent was not always being sought. This was a particular issues around domestic abuse, where information was not being shared more widely than with Harbour, as a provider.

• Information about families experiencing domestic abuse, where there was a pregnant woman involved, identified through Operation Encompass, was not shared with the Foundation Trust's maternity services.

There were other issues identified that did not appear to relate to information sharing barriers but were more about communication routes and working together better. These would be followed up by individual responsible officers, and would be brought to the Children and Young People's Partnership if issues remained.

•Information on children subject to child protection and coming into care to be shared with early years providers.

•Changes in the Health Visitor contacts to be shared with early years providers.

•Some delays in the Police providing effective information in response to requests for information or assessment.

It was noted that the issues identified were being looked at by the Council's Information Governance Team, in liaison with similar teams in other agencies. Any feedback from this partnership would be fed into that process.

Discussion could be summarised as follows:

- Training for frontline staff around embedding a culture of information sharing had proved to be successful and perhaps should be widened.

- Lessons learned during initiatives shouldn't need to be relearned for other initiatives they should become part of practice.

- Information needed to be gathered, consolidated, analysed and shared. The use of NHS numbers would help with this but there were still barriers to this. It was explained that a data analyse application had been submitted to NHS digital to give approval around bringing Health and Social Care data together, based on NHS numbers. If successful NECS would analyse the data and the CCG would share with partners. Obviously no personal details would be provided and information would be around cohorts.

- It was noted that the Safeguarding Children Board picked out information sharing as an underlining theme around partnership working, so it would be updated on any work undertaken by this Group.

- There were no information sharing issues with TEWV in terms of the teams in the Council who had been canvassed.

- If any partners had information sharing problems, with Council teams they were asked to flag up these up with the Chair.
Member received a report that was due to be considered by the Council's Cabinet.

The report sought approval for the new vision and approach to the provision of early years support in Stockton, including the future model for children's centers as part of a wider ‘Family Hub' early help offer including an integrated 0 - 19 wellbeing model. It sets out the vision and objectives of a new approach, and a set of proposals for implementation. The report also outlined the outcomes of the recent early years and children's center consultation.

Members agreed that the recommendations in the report were a positive step forward.
Members noted the Director of Public Health's Annual Report which outlined some of the key health and wellbeing challenges and opportunities in Stockton Borough, including the data and evidence and details of current work and planned next steps.

Members agreed that there may be some issues, coming out of the report, that could be looked at by this partnership and this could be reflected in the Partnership's Forward Plan.
The Partnership received a report that detailed arrangements for a borough-wide conversation.

Outcomes of the conversation would be reported to the Partnership together with the Peer researchers report.
Members noted and agreed the Forward Plan.

It was noted that the July meeting clashed with the Launch of the Domestic Abuse Strategy and Action Plan, so could not go ahead. Attempts to arrange a meeting before September would be made.

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