Children & Young People Select Committee Minutes

Tuesday, 19th September, 2006
5.00 p.m.
Ground Floor Committee Room, Town Hall, High Street, Stockton On Tees
Please note: all Minutes are subject to approval at the next Meeting

Attendance Details

Cllr K Lupton (in the Chair),Cllr M Frankland, Cllr D Harrington, Cllr J M Lynch, Cllr R Rix; Mr A Maxwell (Diocesan Representative)
G Birtle, Miss F Shayler (LD).
In Attendance:
Mr D Campbell (Non Voting Co-opted Representative); Gillian McCready (Middlesbrough Teenage Pregnancy Co-ordinator);Donna Thorne (Darlington Teenage Pregnancy Co-ordinator); Claire Stanton (Stockton Teenage Pregnancy Co-ordinator).
Apologies for absence:
were submitted on behalf of Councillors Mrs Beaumont, Cherrett, Coombs, Miss Inman, Jones, Mrs Norton, Mrs Rigg, Mrs Trainer. Mr Beach and Mrs S Moloney (Parent Governor Representatives). Mr Davies, Mr Lupton, Mr Percival (Non voting co-opted representatives)

Item Description Decision
The minutes of the meeting held on 16th August 2006 were agreed as a correct record.
Concluded that:-

1. The presentations be noted.
2. The Teenage Pregnancy Budget and Funding information be sought for the next meeting.
Concluded that the update be noted.
5pm - 6.40pm


546The Teenage Pregnancy Co-ordinators from Darlington and Middlesbrough had been invited to the meeting to provide evidence on the service that was provided in those areas. Claire Stanton, Teenage Pregnancy Co-ordinator for Stockton on Tees Borough Council was in attendance to clarify the differences between this authority and the Middlesbrough and Darlington Service. Ms Stanton also provided an update as to where the authority was with regard to Teenage Pregnancy at this time.

Members were provided with the figures for Teenage Pregnancies from 1998-2004. These figures showed that both Middlesbrough had Darlington had had a reduction in teenage pregnancies of 7.4% and 25.3% respectively and Stockton had had a 1.5% increase. In terms of numbers all three authorities were very similar.

Ms McCready detailed the Service provided in Middlesbrough. She felt that overall the key to reducing the figures was continuity, knowledge and strong leadership. Relationships with Schools had improved over time and Schools were happy to buy in Services. All Primary Schools were either about to have the training for or were now using the Lucinda and Godfrey programme in their Schools. Continuous assistance was provided to those Schools that required it. The Service was assisted by a massive resource of different agencies. Work was targeted to particular hot spot areas and over the last 18 months resources had been directed into hard to reach areas. It was difficult to determine at present whether this had had an impact but all strands were working together on this and staff were listening to what was happening on the ground to change/redirect services where required.

Ms McCready detailed the ‘C Card’ scheme that was in operation in Middlesbrough, both Darlington and Stockton had a variation of this Scheme.

Middlesbrough’s priorities for the forthcoming year were to continue with training, sustain networks, raise profiles particularly in areas such as fatherhood, continue with the ‘young mums programme’ and continue ongoing work with the drugs action team.

Ms Thorne provided a Service in Darlington, she was employed by the PCT which worked as an equal partner to the local authority in this area. She stated that Darlington did not have large pockets of deprivation, therefore many funding streams could not be accessed. The Council and PCT developed a strategy together, which was PCT funded and audited by the Council. The School Nurse Team was central to the Service and they were trained to put the programme out in Secondary Schools. Ms Thorne felt that the main reason for the reduction in teenage pregnancies was due to the dedicated work in clinics in non clinical surroundings, the C Card Scheme, Youth workers assisting the Service, and aftercare following terminations making second pregnancies less likely. The Service priorities were to now provide an increased service to 13/14 year olds.

Ms Stanton highlighted the issues for the Stockton Teenage Pregnancy Service, she felt that a major problem had been the lack of continuity of staff creating little consistency. She felt that the C Card needed to be relaunched. There was a lack of young persons clinics but NRF funding had been received to address this problem.

Members held discussion on the different methods and funding used in each area and felt that there should be some guidelines on best practice from Central Government to offer a more consistent approach.

Following the previous meeting Members requested that the budgetary and funding information for Stockton’s Teenage Pregnancy Unit be followed up.

547Members were updated on the project plan by the Scrutiny Officer.

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