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Children & Young People Select Committee Minutes

Wednesday, 18th October, 2006
Ground Floor Committee Room, Town Hall, High Street, Stockton on Tees
Please note: all Minutes are subject to approval at the next Meeting

Attendance Details

Cllr Mrs M Rigg (Chairman), Cllr Mrs J Beaumont, Cllr Brown (vice Councillor Mrs Norton) Cllr M Cherrett, Cllr M Frankland, Cllr K Lupton, Cllr J M Lynch,Cllr R Rix, Mrs Robinson (vice Councillor Coombs); Mr A Maxwell (Diocesan Representative).
P Sellers (CESC); G Birtle, Miss F Shayler, Mrs J Trainer (LD).
In Attendance:
Mr G Davies (Non Voting Co-opted Representative).
Apologies for absence:
were submitted on behalf of Cllr Coombs, Harrington, Miss Inman, Jones, Mrs Norton, Mrs Trainer. Mr Beach (Parent Governor Representative). Mr Campbell, Mr Lupton, Mr Percival (Non Voting Co-opted representatives)
Item Description Decision
The minutes of the meeting held on 28th September 2006 were agreed as a correct record.
Concluded that the Chairman offer her congratulations at Council this evening on behalf of the Committee.
Concluded that Members comments and recommendations be noted and the report be circulated to Members of this Select Committee for final comments.
Concluded that Members inform the Scrutiny Officer of their preference for the next Scrutiny Review prior to full consideration at the next meeting.


740Thornaby Community School had won The Times Educational Supplement Newspaper Day Competition 2006. The Chairman on behalf of the Children and Young People Select Committee wished to congratulate the Pupils and Head teacher on their achievement and hoped that they would become journalists of the future.

741Members held discussion on all of the evidence and information that they had gathered for the review of teenage pregnancy.

Discussion was held on the progress that had taken place during the review by the Children, Education and Social Care Department and the Services involved with Teenage Pregnancy prior to producing their final report. There had been a number of changes that had taken place throughout the review and Members were pleased to acknowledge that the Teenage Pregnancy Co-ordinator post had now been appointed on a permanent basis.

Member highlighted the recommendations that they wished to make and requested that these be submitted within the report. Once the report was drafted the Scrutiny Officer would circulate around Members for comments. It was anticipated that the final report would be reported to Cabinet and Executive Scrutiny Committee in November, 2006.

742Members held discussion on the possible review of childhood obesity which was a priority in the authority as well as nationally. There had been a number of initiatives implemented recently and further changes may take place in this area. It was therefore felt that it was too early to judge their impact and the committee would find it difficult to add value to the strategy at this stage.

Members held discussion on other possible topics for review. Possible suggestions were Primary School meals and Bullying. It was suggested that all Members of the Committee be informed of the two suggestions and be requested to make any further suggestions and inform the Scrutiny Officer of their preference.

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