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Children & Young People Select Committee Minutes

Wednesday, 30th July, 2008
5.00 p.m.
Lecture Hall, Stockton Library, Stockton on Tees TS18 1TU
Please note: all Minutes are subject to approval at the next Meeting

Attendance Details

Cllr David Harrington (Chairman),Cllr Hilary Aggio, Cllr Mrs Lynne Apedaile, , Cllr Phillip Broughton, Cllr Richard Cains, Cllr Mrs Ann Cains, Cllr Aidan Cockerill, Cllr Ken Dixon, Cllr Mick Eddy, Cllr Mrs Suzanne Fletcher, Cllr Alan Lewis, Cllr Mrs Maureen Rigg, Cllr Roy Rix, Cllr Mrs Sylvia Walmsley, Cllr Michael Womphrey.
Reuben Kench, Neil Russell (CESC); Graham Birtle, Nigel Hart, Fiona Shayler (LD).
In Attendance:
Mr G Davies (Non Voting Copted Representative); Ingrid Ablett-Spence (North Tees PCT); Steve Chaytor (Tees Active Ltd.)
Apologies for absence:
were submitted on behalf of Cllr Maurice Frankland, Cllr Barbara Inman, Cllr Andrew Larkin, Cllr Mrs Jean O'Donnell, Cllr Andrew Sherris. Carol Clark and Mr Richard Cash (Parent Governor Representatives).
Item Description Decision
CONCLUDED that the information received be noted.
5pm - 7pm


This Special meeting of the Children and Young People Select Committee including members of Arts, Leisure and Culture and Corporate, Adult Services and Social Inclusion Select Committees, was held to receive evidence from Tees Active Ltd. All three Select Committees required evidence from Tees Active for their current reviews of Obesity, Tees Active and the Older People Strategy, respectively.

The Tees Active Leisure Trust (TAL) had been in operation since 1st May 2004 and managed the operation of Stockton Borough 's leisure facilities on behalf of Stockton Council. SBC remained the main provider of funding and there was a close working relationship with the Council, although as an independent body it was capable of taking on other projects to raise physical activity. TAL has charitable status, received around 2 million leisure centre visits per year and employed approximately 370 staff.

TAL managed the following leisure venues:-

- Stockton Sports Centre, Tilery
- Splash, Stockton Town Centre
- Thornaby Pool, Thornaby Road
- Thornaby Pavillion, Thornaby Town Centre
- Billingham Forum, Billingham Town Centre
- Castlegate Quay Watersports Centre (CQWC), Castlegate Quay
- Arlington Park, Bowesfield Primary School, Parkfield

Stockton Sports Centre was gradually being closed, however, the grass football pitches and upgraded changing facilities would remain. Splash was being extended and this would be completed for Summer 2009. Billingham Forum was also scheduled to undergo a £15 million enhanced refurbishment, works would commence July 2009 and it was anticipated that it would re-open in January 2011.

The Sports Development function remained with SBC, following the establishment of TAL. The aim of the Section was to increase participation, use sport and physical activity to improve health and well being of the local community, and develop the infrastructure for sport and physical activity in Stockton on Tees.

Steven Chaytor, Managing Director of Tees Active Ltd. and Ingrid Ablett-Spence, Head of Health Improvement for North Tees PCT, provided evidence to Members.

Usage figures were provided, overall use had risen by 10% since 2004, in under 16s there had been an increase of 23% and over 50s useage had increased by 8%. Members requested information that may be available on age groups and socio-economic groupings against usage. The figures available were only for those who were Members, statistics were not recorded for non members. However, a survey was undertaken every two years of people that use the service.

The Leisure Saver Card provided incentives/concessions for leisure users, the card had three Options, those who qualified under Option 3 would received the card free of charge.

Discussion was held on encouraging people to use the leisure facilities for the first time and ensuring that the environment was not intimidating. Information was provided on the literature available, classes that were available for different ages/abilities, training provided for gym users. Exercise on prescription was a way of getting people into fitness and once they had completed the programme they would be encouraged to join and look at their long term health goals.

The Young Persons Active Health Scheme had been developed by Tees Active and the PCT for young people that were overweight/obese. Work was done with individuals/families to include the following:- to promote healthy eating, which included information on nutrition and cooking skills, weight management, various activities/exercise, lifestyles. Referrals to this programme were received from parents, schools and GP's.

The PCT were developing physical activities within the community such as health walks.

Members were aware that many people undertook different forms of exercise including walking, running, use of private health clubs etc. Members requested a full list of activities available in the borough including those provided by private organisations. It was stated that no list was currently available but this was work in progress. Reuben Kench provided information on the Sport, Recreation & Leisure Aspirations survey which asked people about what exercise they undertook in general and would therefore provide information on all providers of activities. Results were currently being analysed and information would be provided to Members once it was available.

Discussion was held on the forthcoming Olympic Games in Bejing and the 2012 Olympics and whether a higher profile could be made in conjunction with the promotion of these events. A development plan detailing how SBC and partners intend to exploit the opportunities presented by the 2012 Olympics would be developed and was to be led by the Head of Leisure & Culture and the Head of Regeneration.

Sporting activities within schools and partner activities between schools and TAL were discussed. Building Schools for the Future (BSF) would impact on this area in the future.

Ingrid Ablett-Spence provided further information on the Active Health Programme and St Johns Livingwell Centre that provided care for people with limited mobility following a stroke/accident etc. Information on the Health Trainer Service which was a new service provided in community venues to provide help to a wide range of people with health problems. The Health Trainers were not from a clinical background but were fully trained and were people who new the area that they were based within. They provided a vast service which included helping people to stop smoking, drinking, to eat more healthily which included showing people how to shop and cook both healthily and cost effectively etc.

A Health Improvement Specialist was working with local employers to provide more work place initiatives. Discussion was held on sickness absence and whether any links had been made to obesity. There was currently no relevant statistics between sickness absence and obesity. However, four Public Health Practioners had been appointed and were working with GP practices to record obesity more effectively.

Social marketing was discussed and targeting hard to reach groups.

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