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Adults' Health and Wellbeing Commissioning Group Minutes

Thursday, 18th December, 2014
Conference Room 2, Municipal Buildings, Church Road, Stockton on Tees
Please note: all Minutes are subject to approval at the next Meeting

Attendance Details

Peter Kelly(Chairman), Cllr Jim Beall, Sarah Bowman, Emma Champley, Liz Hanley, Sean McEneany, Simon Willson, Karen Hawkins, Jayne Herring
Jenna McDonald(LDS)
In Attendance:
Steve Rose, Priya Manoharan(Catalyst Stockton),
Item Description Decision
AGREED that the draft minutes be approved subject to minor amendments.
AGREED that:

1. An update on the VCSE Health Initiatives would be provided in April 2015
AGREED that:

1. Commissioning Support Services be considered at the Health and Wellbeing Board

2. Primary Care-Co Commissioning Plans be considered at the Health and Wellbeing Board


Cllr Jim Beall declared an interest as Chair of Eastern Ravens.

Steve Rose, Chief Executive, Catalyst Stockton indicated that his wife was Chief Executive of Groundwork NE which had delivered one of the projects referred to in the report.
Consideration was given to the draft minutes of the meeting held on 25th November 2014.
The Chief Executive of Catalyst attended the meeting to provide Members with information on VCSE Health Initiatives.

In 2013-14 Synergy VCS Consortium was successfully engaged for their membership to develop and implement health improvement initiatives against priorities set by local health and public health commissioners. Hartlepool and Stockton on Tees Clinical Commissioning Group(CCG) and Stockton on Tees Borough Council Public Health(SBC PH) agreed to test this approach further in a wider local voluntary, community and social enterprise(VCSE) market and against priorities and outcomes of greater definition.

As a result of this, Catalyst Stockton on Tees was commissioned to engage these local VCSE organisations to develop and deliver prevention and health improvement projects which deliver one or more priorities and outcomes identified by the commissioning bodies and approved by the Stockton Health and Wellbeing Board. The Programme was entitled VCSE Health Initiatives 2014.

Members heard that a public launch was organised and all VCSE agencies who expressed their interests were provided with a detailed explanation of the bidding process. Bidding closed in June 2014 and was followed by decisions made by a panel which consisted of Hartlepool and Stockton on Tees CCG, SBC Public Health, Independent VCSE Agency and Catalyst Stockton on Tees.

15 new projects were commissioned to start the delivery from August 2014 in addition to one project from the previous year which was recommissioned. It was highlighted that some projects were due to start immediately and some as late as 2015 due to the varied nature of the Health Initiatives Project.

Members were provided with details of the 15 projects commissioned by the Health Initiatives Project which included:

- Stockton Dementia Early Diagnosis, Advice and Support delivered by Alzheimer's Society
- Working together for a healthier future delivered by Billingham Environmental Link Project (BELP)
- Little Steps to Big Strides delivered by Eastern Ravens Trust
- Health, Exercise and Allotments delivered by Groundwork NE & Cumbria
- Win, Lose or Draw: Football as a tool to raise awareness of low level anxiety and depression delivered by MIND
- Men's Health Project delivered by Community Welfare Trust
- Creating new pathway for on-going rehabilitation support for cardiac patients in Stockton

Members raised the following points and questions in relation to various projects:

- Monitoring should take place around the walk in services specialised in Alzheimer's across the Borough

- A positive relationship was vital between GP's and service providers such as BELP in order to translate knowledge in areas such as the Healthy Heart Check Scheme

- Funding for Weight Management was provided to Groundwork NE and Cumbria for the delivery of the Health, Exercise and Allotments Service. It was highlighted that the service provider had appealed for people to visit the sites

- The Win, Lose or Draw project focussed on engaging men with discussions relating to their own health and wellbeing

- Members agreed that it was important for the service providers of each project to provide support to one and other

- The Director of Public Health suggested that service providers were encouraged to be more specific around outcomes

Members heard that a lot of time was spent with providers explaining how they can achieve objectives and how they could improve their service. It was agreed that the portfolio of projects was beneficial to the group.
The Group were provided with a report which informed Members of the draft commissioning intentions for NHS Hartlepool and Stockton on Tees CCG.

Members heard that stage 1 of the commissioning intentions were presented to the CCG Governing Body in September 2014 providing assurance of the planning process with particular reference to the data and intelligence used to inform the intentions. Following on from this, a Governing Body developmental session was held in October 2014 which allowed the opportunity to discuss the planning cycle in more detail. Stage 2 of the commissioning intentions was approved by the CCG Governing Body on 25th November 2014.

The Group noted that although the commissioning intentions had been approved by the CCG Governing Body for progression to implement, the details and plans were subject to change pending the release of the NHS Outcomes Framework 2015/16 and associated guidance. It was anticipated that the intentions would be subject to further refinement, prioritisation and updating.

Members were presented with a Work Stream Commissioning Intention Overview which detailed information relating to the following areas:

- Out of Hospital Care:
- Health and Wellbeing:
- Mental Health and Learning Disabilities:
- In Hospital Care
- Medicine Optimisation

Points which were noted by the Group included:

- Once the CCG had received the operating framework, the next set of commissioning intentions would be released before being prioritised and taken forward. It was highlighted that the next step of the process was to prioritise depending on outcome

- A review would take place on the commissioning of Support Services for which a Tender process was due to begin in 2015

- Robust process' were carried out between CCG and NHS England

- The CCG delivered a variety of functions and were considering transactional services moving forward

Members raised the following points and questions:

- Had there been any discussion with partners in relation to the tender process?

- With regards to the commissioning intentions, was there an option for dialogue with local authority?

- Members agreed that it was important to have greater control and influence, if options were to become available there was a possibility to review a model of bringing together commissioning support

- It was highlighted that in relation to the five year plan, there were three elements which included; prevention, efficiency and money.

- With regards to the Ambulance Service, Members asked whether there were enough ambulances and paramedics to cover the Borough and what consideration were Commissioning Groups giving to the capacity crisis? In response, Members heard that there were enough capacity services commissioned however the capacity issue was national.

- It was agreed that it was helpful for members to receive such level of detail in the report and useful to understand which structures were going to be used in the future.

Members were informed that the NHS Operating Framework 15/16 and National Tariff 15/16 were expected to be published by the end of December 2014. If appropriate, the commissioning intentions would be revised accordingly and would be factored into the CCGs 15/16 operational plan. It was highlighted that contract negotiations with existing providers would commence shortly with final contract sign-off during February/March 2015. The CCG was required to submit full and final plans to NHS England by 10th April 2015.
The Group were presented with a Forward Plan and discussed items which were to be scheduled for future meetings as follows:

20 January 2015:
- Primary Care Core Commissioning

24 March 2015:
- Substance Misuse

April 2015:
- Falls Service

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