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Adults' Health and Wellbeing Commissioning Group Minutes

Tuesday, 20th September, 2016
10.00 a.m.
Conference Room 2, Municipal Buildings, Church Road, Stockton on Tees, TS18 1LD
Please note: all Minutes are subject to approval at the next Meeting

Attendance Details

Sarah Bowman-Abouna (Chair), Emma Champley, Liz Hanley, Sean McEneany, Jenny Cowell
Jenna McDonald (DCE)
In Attendance:
Paula Swindale (Hartlepool and Stockton CCG)
Apologies for absence:
Cllr Jim Beall,
Item Description Decision
There were no declarations of interest.
AGREED that the minutes be approved subject to minor amendments.

1. The Group noted and supported the review recommendations.

2. The Group noted the wider recommendations to be discussed further within the Domestic Abuse Steering Group.
RESOLVED that the forward plan be noted.


Consideration was given to the draft minutes of the meeting held on 21 June 2016.
Members were presented with a report which detailed the findings of a review of the Domestic Violence and Abuse support service. Key points were highlighted as follows:

- The provided of the Stockton on Tees Domestic Violence and Abuse Support Service was Harbour Support services.

- The service review was undertaken between April-August 2016.

- The project set out to determine how well, qualitatively and quantitatively the service was delivered against the contract specification.

- The elements of the service included; refuge provision, adult outreach services, an Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA) service, sexual violence counselling, perpetrator programmes and a specialist support service for children and young people affected by Domestic Abuse along with a Domestic abuse link worker within Children's Services.

- Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council and Hartlepool Borough Council jointly funded a domestic abuse hospital link worker post within North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Trust since April 2013. It was noted that Hartlepool Borough Council notified that they would no longer fund the post as of April 2016. SBC continued to fund the post up to 30 September 2016.

- The Stockton service had been designed to provide support in a family focused approach.

- The service was available to all residents with additional support for those assessed as needing it the most.

- The services safeguarding procedures were audited by the commissioner and a service manager from Children's Services against the Safeguarding children and young people's assurance framework.

- As part of a wider review of domestic abuse support available across Stockton, stakeholder mapping events were held in June 2016.

- With regard to the findings of the review, it was noted that Harbour was a recognised local provider of services and was trusted by clients.

- Feedback from services users was positive for both victim focused services and perpetrator services.

- The whole family approach enabled family focused support and allowed trusting relationships to be formed.

- Evidence suggested that the link worker posts had a positive influence allowing direct links between Harbour and other professionals to be formed.

- The demand for perpetrator programmes had exceeded contract requirements over the last two years.

- The review of the safeguarding procedures found no safeguarding concerns identified from the work undertaken as part of the audit process.

- In relation to outcomes, it was heard that one key service outcome was to reduce violence and offending.

- Harbour delivered Respect accredited perpetrator services designed to impact behaviour change. It was explained that 70 men completed the 27 week respect accredited programme over the last two years with a further 11 female perpetrators completing 1:1 perpetrator work.

- The service delivered safety services for partners of perpetrators and evidence based interventions for victims such as the Freedom Programme and interventions for children and young people to contribute to a reduction in violence and re-offending.

- It was noted that 98% of respondents who had engaged with Harbour victim services felt that the support had helped them to recognise abusive behaviours and helped them to understand how abusive behaviours could affect them.

- Insights data collected by the provider for those engaging with Harbour support in the 12 months to October 2015 identified that on exit, 77% of clients reported a reduction in physical abuse, 92% in sexual abuse and 55% in jealous and controlling behaviours experienced.

- Feedback from stakeholders, service users and data performance suggested that attention was required to reduce the waiting time for these services.

- Further attention was required regarding the number of completions for sexual violence counselling which was below target for the two years of the contract particularly in 14/15.

- Further work with referrers was needed to ensure those referring into Harbour understood the services on offer and allowed Harbour as the professional to make the assessment and decide on the most effective course of action.

- Continued joint working with partners and external professionals was required to improve referrer knowledge of service and Harbour workers knowledge of other specialist services.

- Over the next year of the contract, further considerations of the funding position were required in order to establish whether the current level of funding was sufficient to meet future demand.

- The provider had advised that they should be able to provide the specified services based on the current referral numbers, however, additional funding or changes in service delivery would need to be considered if the level of demand increased or if additional interventions were requested under the contract.

- It was noted that wider discussion points were taken forward to the Domestic Abuse Steering group for further consideration as an opportunity to consider future service delivery.

- Awareness raising for perpetrators as an Early Intervention for Domestic Abuse had been discussed as part of the review as a possible area of future work.

- Feedback suggested that an early intervention for awareness raising for Domestic Abuse was something that Children's Services would require.

- Further work was necessary in recognition that some clients were in denial and in some cases perpetrators needed some short pieces of work to look at reasons, consequences and impact.

- Evidence suggested that greater awareness around types of domestic abuse and the range of support available from services was required.

- With regard to school settings, it was heard that work undertaken as part of the review process highlighted the importance of early intervention with young people around healthy relationships whilst working with stakeholders, preventative work within schools with young people was raised as a suggestion for future work.
Consideration was given to the forward plan.

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