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Adults' Health and Wellbeing Commissioning Group Minutes

Tuesday, 20th December, 2016
Conference Room 2, Municipal Building, Church Road, Stockton on Tees
Please note: all Minutes are subject to approval at the next Meeting

Attendance Details

Ann Workman (Chairman), Emma Champley, Sean McEneany, Karen Hawkins
Michael Henderson, George Irving, Liz Boal, Kerry Anderson, Ruby Poppleton (SBC), Michael Rowntree (Tees Valley Shared Services)
Apologies for absence:
Cllr Jim Beall, Sarah Bowman, Liz Hanley,
Item Description Decision
RESOLVED that the update be noted and further details be provided to the group, at a future meeting.
RESOLVED that the report be noted and the 12 months' extension to the contract be agreed.
RESOLVED that the Forward Plan be agreed
  • Report (71K/bytes)

1. option 'a' as detailed in paragraph 4 of the report, be approved, with update reports being presented to the Group's January 2017 and April 2017 meetings.

2. the use of 'one off' funding, as detailed in the report be agreed, in principle.

3. approval to use the 'one-off funding, as detailed in the report, be sought from the Pooled Budget Partnership Board.

4. the Chair of the Group briefs the Cabinet Member for Adult Services and Health on this matter.

5. an officer group be established to carry out further engagement with local carers on the future carers' services.


There were no declarations of interest.
The Group received an update relating to CCG planning.

It was explained that the CCG and provider plans would need to be agreed by NHS England and NHS Improvement, with a clear expectation that they would be fully aligned in local contracts.

First draft plans had been provided 24th November, with final plans to be submitted by 23rd December.

The Group received details of some of the CCG's Planning Ambitions. Local Plans were aligned with the STP and there was nothing new that the CCG's local plans hadn't already being heading towards. Assurance was given that the plans and actions sitting within the CCG's ambitions met the priorities of the Health and Wellbeing Board.

An update of the STP (including the Better Health Programme) was provided.

The CCG had to produce a two year operational plan to comply with what NHS England had requested but, underneath that, they had produced a 4 year action plan to align with the STP. Prior to March next year the CCG would be reviewing its priorities, what would need to wait until future years and what would be decommissioned, taking account of its financial position and contract agreements.

An update on the CCG's new structure was provided.

During discussion there was reference to the Children and Young People's Commissioning Group and the use of a template that identified commissioning intentions, which partners had an interest in. This would help populate the Forward Plan. It was noted that the CCG would share more detail once its work plan had been agreed by its Governing Body.

Emma Champley would provide Karen Hawkins with the report template and commissioning topics table template
Members received a report relating to the current contractual position of the Specialist Stop Smoking Service following a service review.

It was noted that the current contract was held jointly, with Hartlepool Borough Council, and there was an option to extend it by 3 x 12 months. Hartlepool had indicated that it wished to take up an option of 1 x 12 months extension, commencing April 2017.

After considering the findings from the service review it was agreed that the Council take up the option of the first 12 months available under the existing contract arrangements. This would provide further time to examine the service development plan which would provide further evidence in respect of commissioning intentions and focus for the future service delivery. This would also realise savings from current levels of funding for 2017/18.

During the extended period, it was the intention to assess further service delivery models to ensure continued value for money, while reducing health inequalities within the smoking population.

There was a query about cquin funding around smoking cessation and issues around this would be clarified between the CCG and the Council's Public Health Service.

Members discussed e-cigarettes and it was noted that the Royal College of Physicians had stated that if people couldn't quit tobacco they should be encouraged to move to e-cigarettes, if this would help them quit. Fresh North East had adopted this position as had Public Health England. Other local authorities in the area had adopted this position and it was appropriate for this Council to also adopt this position.
Members considered the Forward Plan

Members were informed that the Integrated Urgent Care Service had been awarded to the North Tees and Hartlepool Trust in collaboration with Hartlepool and Stockton Health and North East Ambulance Service. An update on this would be provided to the Health and Wellbeing Board and Adults Services and Health Select Committee.

It was agreed that the Better Care Fund Plan be presented to a future meeting of this Group for information.
Members were reminded that the Carers' Support Service contract for Stockton on Tees would end on 31st March 2017. The Group had previously considered a report relating to this matter, at its meeting held on 23 November 2016. Members were now provided with a further report that presented options and risks associated with service provision, when the current contract was scheduled to cease.

The Group noted that the intended outcome for Carers' Services in Stockton was for integrated services that supported Carers to continue their caring role and deliver the outcomes identified in the Carer's national strategy. Details of the commissioning approach and planned work associated with this was provided. An element of this work involved the establishment of an officer group to carry out engagement with local carers and the appointment of a temporary Commissioning Manager within the Adult Strategy Team. The appointee would lead on developing a new service model(s), with Carers and manage the implementation. It was proposed that this appointment would be financed from 'one-off' funding.

During discussion:

- it was suggested that the 'one off' funding referred to above, and in the report, needed to be approved by the Pooled Budget Partnership Board.

- it was agreed that the Cabinet Member for Adult Services and Health needed to be briefed on the proposed options and any decisions taken by this group.

- Members expressed support for option 'a' as detailed in paragraph 4 of the report.

- The Group requested that it receive update reports at its January 2017 and April 2017 meetings.

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