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Children and Young People's Health and Wellbeing Commissioning Group Minutes

Wednesday, 1st February, 2017
Conference Room 2, Municipal Buildings, Church Road, Stockton on Tees, TS18 1LD
Please note: all Minutes are subject to approval at the next Meeting

Attendance Details

Martin Gray(Chairman),

Cllr Mrs Ann McCoy, Diane McConnell, Emma Champley, Jo Heaney, Ciaron Irvine
Michael Henderson
Apologies for absence:
Sarah Bowman- Abouna
Item Description Decision
RESOLVED that the report be noted.
RESOLVED that the topics commissioning topics be agreed and the discussion be noted actioned as appropriate.


There were no declarations of interest.
The minutes of the meeting held on 4 January 2017 were approved as a correct record.
Members considered a report that provided the group with details of the lessons learned from the procurement of the Tees Sexual Health Service.
Members were provided with a table detailing commissioning intentions, overlaps, joint priorities etc.

Discussion of the table could be summarised as follows:


The Group was reminded that, at the end of February, an event had been arranged relating to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and one of the outcomes of the event would be the development of a ASD Joint Commissioning Framework. It was considered that this could be used as a template for use in other areas of potential SEND joint commissioning. It was therefore suggested that the Framework should be submitted to the April meeting of this group to determine its suitability.

It would be important for as many members of the SEND Joint Commissioning Sub Group to be in attendance, or have links, with the development of the ASD framework, at the 3P event.

It was agreed that any existing operational issues relating to SEND needed to inform future commissioning.

Domestic Abuse

It was noted that there was a specific structure around Domestic Abuse in the form of the emerging new strategy and the work of the Domestic Abuse Steering Group. Currently, Harbour provided commissioned services around Domestic Abuse, and the contract had another year to run. Possible commissioning decisions for this Group would centre on support to children and young people affected by domestic abuse and educational activity within schools.

Drugs and Alcohol

An A&E project had not been successful and it was noted that this would need to be considered by this Group. Drugs and alcohol services both had a young people's elements to them and this group would need to consider how they were performing prior to any further commissioning.

During discussion members noted the need to ensure dual diagnosis policies were operating correctly. Social workers sometimes raised that other services wouldn't see young people until alcohol/drugs issues were resolved. A discussion around this issue was planned for the March Adults' Partnership and it was indicated that the issues raised by children's social workers would be mentioned.

Therapeutic Support

This included placements in specialist residential care for therapeutic care packages, sometimes at a considerable distance from the Borough. Available packages were led by providers and there was a need for commissioners to understand whether those packages were beneficial/necessary.

The new Regional Commissioning Framework for residential care placements would have an impact on this area of commissioning.

It was noted that a paper on Therapeutic intervention assessments would be provided to the March meeting.

Early Help Response / Children's centres

Work was ongoing around these area. The future model of children's centres was based around the concept of family hubs and connecting up with the Early Help response. Work with the CYP Partnership and Safeguarding Board may lead to some commissioning decisions being needed.

Mental Health

There was already a structure around this area, so it was proposed that commissioning intentions and potential changes would be provided to the Group for scrutiny.


Work was currently underway exploring Tees-wide options. If this didn't materialise then Stockton would need to take a decision itself or perhaps based on the Children's Hub (North) model

It was noted that Cleveland Police was looking to put additional management resource into CSE partnership working, by the end of March.

Looked After Children

There would be development of different models around specific commissioning issues, like CAMHS health assessments.

Risk Taking behaviours

0 -19 pathway due to come back March/April.

There was a discussion about the danger of working on issues in isolation and not identifying areas that would provide the best results across the piece. It was noted that the Police, together with Durham University, were developing a model, in an area of its work, that sought to identify and target areas that would have the most effect. It was agreed that there may be cross over learning opportunities for the group.

Healthy weight

Stockton Public Health would bring specific commissioning elements, as part of the 0- 19 pathway. The CCG was undertaking some work around a review of Tier 3 provision and this would need to be picked up under a separate paper to the group.


Links into SEND, Maternity and 0 -19 offer.

Poorly Child

This was around reviewing parents'/carers' response to a poorly child and empowering them to look after that child rather than going to A&E, inappropriately. There may be opportunities for the CCG to work with public health and consider if Health Visitors could assist in terms of educating parents/carers. It was agreed that this was an area that the Partnership should be involved in.

Maternal Health Pathway

It was suggested that there needed to be a better understanding of everything involved in this Pathway and this would be a good topic for the Partnership to look at.

0 -19

March/April to this Group

Integrated Personal Commissioning for CYP

IPC would be particularly suited to SEND and Children with Complex Needs and was included in the Future in Mind programme for 2018/19

Conduct Disorder

This was a key priority in the Future in Mind Plan. A needs assessment was being undertaken. It was suggested that this area should be discussed at Partnership with potential commissioning being identified.

Training of Work Force/involving engaging young people

This was a catch-all on what partners might want to work on together, around core skills, competencies, engaging with young people etc. There may not be any actual commissioning decisions to make. Cleveland Police requested that it be involved in this, particularly, in terms of its officers' interaction with children and young people and spotting potential issues. It was noted that the Police were appointing a Child Abuse Detective Inspector and he/she would link with this work.
Members noted the forward plan.

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