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Children and Young People's Health and Wellbeing Commissioning Group Minutes

Wednesday, 2nd November, 2016
10.00 a.m.
Conference Room 2, Municipal Buildings, Church Road, Stockton on Tees
Please note: all Minutes are subject to approval at the next Meeting

Attendance Details

Sarah Bowman Abouna (Chairman), Emma Champley, Cllr Mrs Ann McCoy, Martin Gray, Diane McConnell, Shaun McLurg, Jo Heaney, Ciaran Irvine (Sub for Alastair Simpson)
Jane Harvey, Michael Henderson (SBC)
Apologies for absence:
Alastair Simpson
Item Description Decision

1. the Commissioning Intentions and discussion be noted.

2. contract performance, on key commissioned services, be presented to the Group, every 6 months, by the partner who had led on the commissioning of a particular service,
10am/12 noon


Councillor McCoy declared an interest in item 4 Commissioning Intentions as she was a member on the Board of Governors of Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys Foundation Trust, which was referred to in the report.
The minutes of the meeting held on 5th October 2016 were confirmed as a correct record subject to the minute relating to CAMHS being change to refer to Children and Young People's Joint Commissioning Group, rather than the Children and Young People's Partnership.
The Group received reports from Children's Services and Public Health, detailing high level draft commissioning intentions for forthcoming years. The CCG provided a verbal overview of its possible intentions for year 1 of a 4 year plan.

Members were reminded that the purpose of this meeting was to share what commissioning was currently being considered. It was emphasised that priorities/actions were in draft form but they provided this Group with an early opportunity to identify potential Joint Commissioning and Partnership working. The draft intentions would help determine the Group's Forward Plan going forward.

Members noted the main priorities for Children's Services:

- Leadership
- Early Help
- Schools, SEND
- Children in need of help
- Looked After Children

Potential Opportunities :

- 0 - 19 particularly around Children's Centres and Early Years.

- SEND - Speech and Language Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy. A joint item between CCG and Children's Services to be presented to the December meeting, when more detailed discussion could take place.

- Domestic Abuse - a discussion around the perpetrator programme was planned for the December meeting.

- CAMHS had already been identified for January's meeting.

- Therapeutic Interventions. Needed to be clear on what options might be available. Report to the February meeting.

There was a discussion about the role of the Partnership in influencing commissioning.
It was noted that this Group identified key commissioning activity, though there could be wider discussion with Partnership about any approach. The Partnership was also useful for removing obstacles that might occur in any processes, systems etc. It was felt that there needed to be more contract monitoring at this Group and it was agreed that, on key areas of commissioning, all partner agencies and particularly those who were leading on commissioning a service would bring a reflection/overview of performance to this group every 6 months.

It was explained that the Police had asked for a scoping exercise about what commissioned services there were across Tees, around CSE and, particularly, VEMT, missing children and LAC. It was agreed that CSE be identified 'to be scheduled' on the Forward Plan.

Members noted that Police didn't commission but could migrate resources where there was vulnerability.


It was noted that the CCG was currently in the middle of its planning process to produce a plan for the next 4 years.

It was stated that the Plan had to be led by
national directives.

The following actions related to year 1 of the plan but it was noted that work may also fall into later years. Most of the actions came from one, or a combination of the following plans/strategies - Future in Mind, 5YFV, Maternity 5YFV, Learning Disability Transformation Programme, SEND Agenda:

- education and skills in early years workforce in terms of pre and post natal Mental Health.

- reviewing, with local authority partners, the current offer and approach to the screening of children and young people to ensure early identification of any additional needs.

- working with partners to jointly develop a needs assessment and gap analysis in order to identify the current, and future, cohort of children and young people's needs, in relation to SEND.

- review and implement the SEND recommendations coming from the Hartlepool inspection.

- increasing Access to Psychological Therapies - working in partnership to develop and roll out training.

- working in partnership to pilot and look at the use of Integrated Personal Commissioning for Children and Young People

- reviewing the activity and spend on thereapies in conjunction with local authorities, look for opportunities for pooling of budgets and joint commissioning. Opportunities at local and STP level.

- emotional health and wellbeing.

- conduct disorder - scoping work in year then development of training skills to workforce.

- increase mental health champions

- ASD service to look at integrated commissioning offer

- all transitions

- looking at pathway for the poorly child thinking about how we work in the 0 - 19 offer, around skills of the workforce. What advice the workforce is giving to partents of poorly children.

- Peer researchers undertaking work around the use of digital technology within mental health, across the whole pathway

It was noted that the CCG had identified three visions for children and young people:

- ensure every child had the best start in life.

- improve the overall quality , responsiveness and equity of access of services to meet the needs of poorly children.

- ensure integrated children's service provision that offered planned services, responsive to need, rather that diagnosis

During further discussion of the CCG actions, it was noted that:

- safeguarding ran through all the actions.

- Domestic Abuse sat in the Adults element of the CCG's Plan. Work from a children's perspective would need to link in with this. There would be a discussions at the CCG about how the DA agenda would be taken forward.

- the document detailing the actions could not be provided to partners at present but once agreed the children's elements could be circulated and would assist in developing the Group's Forward Plan.

- the SEND Needs Assessment would take place whilst other work relating to SEND was ongoing.

- childhood obesity was a priority for the CCG.

PH Priorities:

- Mental Health
- obesity 0 -19
- Smoking cessation
- Domestic Abuse
- Early Intervention

Members considered the priorities and noted that a number of links had been identified earlier in the meeting.

Members were advised by the Police of a bid to the Home Office for Transformation Funding. The bid had been led by Northumbria Police and included 6 of the regions 7 Forces. It was for an ambitious programme of activity around Domestic Abuse, linked into violence against women and girls. The initial bid had been successful and achieved 900K to be spent by March 31st 2017. The funding would allow commissioners/ officers to scope out a further bid for 2017 - 2019 that may result in 5million to help in relation to the fight against Domestic Abuse. A briefing note providing more detail would be circulated.

Further consideration of how the commissioning intention would impact on the Forward Plan could be undertaken at the Group's next meeting. Other areas of discussion that may be scheduled included obesity, midwifery, O - 19, maternity, drugs misuse, breastfeeding.
The Forward plan be amended to take account of discussion at this meeting and further development of the Forward Plan take place at future meetings having particular regard to areas of partnership working and Joint Commissioning.

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