Licensing Sub Committee (ceased to operate 10/04/2017) Minutes

Thursday, 24th October, 2013
Council Chamber, Town Hall, High Street, Stockton on Tees
Please note: all Minutes are subject to approval at the next Meeting

Attendance Details

Councillor Kirton (Chair), Councillor Mrs Large and Councillor Mrs Cunningham
Mrs April Pilgrim(LD), Miss Polly Edwards(DNS)
In Attendance:
Mrs Gurpreet Kaur (Applicant) and Mr Harpreet Singh (Applicant’s husband) Mrs Williams of Bridges Family and Carers Support Services as a person involved in a business within the vicinity. Mrs Williams was represented by her colleague, Mrs McCaulskey, Mr Stones, Mr and Mrs Rose and Mrs Eeles. Mrs Stott and Mrs Sparks were also in attendance though there was no record of their written representations.
Item Description Decision
RESOLVED that Councillor Kirton be appointed Chair for this meeting only.

RESOLVED that the application be granted as detailed below:

- to sell alcohol off premises from Stop2Shop, 4 Nelson Terrance, Stockton on Tees between the hours of 11.00 and 23.00, Monday to Friday.


There were no declarations of interest.
Members gave consideration to the report, the application and the representations which had been received from 9 persons who lived and or worked close to 4 Nelson Terrace, Stockton on Tees.

The Police had initially submitted a representation and subsequently agreed to a number of additional conditions with the Applicant which would be placed on the premises licence if granted by the Committee, namely:-

1. A digital Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) will be installed and maintained in good working order and be correctly time and date stamped. The system will incorporate sufficient built-in hard drive capacity to suit the number of cameras installed, whilst complying with Data Protection legislation. CCTV will be capable of providing picture of evidential quality in all lighting conditions, particularly facial recognition. Cameras will encompass all ingress and egress to the premises, outside areas and all areas where sale/supply of alcohol occurs. There will be a minimum of 14 days recording. The system will record 24 hours a day. The system will incorporate a means of transferring images from hard-drive to a format that can be played back on any desktop computer. The digital recorder will have the facility to be password protected to prevent unauthorized access, tampering or deletion of images.

2. There will be at all times a member of staff on duty who is trained in the use of the equipment and upon receipt of a request for footage from a governing body, such as Cleveland Police or any other Responsible Authority, be able to produce the footage within a reasonable time e.g. 24 hrs routine or immediately if urgently required for investigation of serious crime.

3. A ‘Challenge 25’ policy will be implemented with all staff insisting on evidence of age from any person appearing to be under 25 years of age and who is attempting to buy alcohol. There shall be notices displayed at all points of sale and at all entrances and exists to inform customers and remind staff that the premises are operating a ‘Challenge 25’ policy.

4. All staff will be fully trained in relation to the laws relating to the sale of alcohol to underage persons, persons buying on behalf of under 18s (proxy sales) persons appearing to be under the influence of alcohol and also the operation of the associated ‘Challenge 25’ policy. Staff will receive refresher training at least every 3 months

5. Training records, signed by both the staff member and Designated Premises Supervisor/Store Manager/Business Owner will be retained for future reference and shall be updated at least every 3 months. All staff training records will be made available to the Licensing Authority and/or Responsible Authorities upon request.

6. The business will maintain a refusals book to record all instances where the sale of alcohol has been refused. This shall include the date and time of the attempted sale, together with a description of the incident. The Designated Premises Supervisor/Store Manager/Business Owner will check and sign each page and the refusals book will be made available to the Licensing Authority and/or Responsible Authorities on request.

7. There will be adequate notices displayed on the premises indicating that the sale of alcohol to persons under the age of 18 is illegal and that adults who buy alcohol for immediate disposal to persons under the age of 18 are committing an offence.

Members noted that the representations concerned general anti social behaviour. The interested parties were of the common view that this was due to the number of local outlets selling alcohol and its subsequent consumption. Whilst the Committee sympathised with the representations made, the Committee noted that there was no evidence linking anti social behaviour with the premise in question. Indeed, this was a new business, which had never operated from 4 Nelson Terrace. As such, the Committee were of the view that it could not have been responsible for any historic or existing anti-social behaviour at the date of the hearing.

Members were mindful that those persons who made representations may be disappointed and/or frustrated with the granting of this premise licence. Should there be any nuisance or other relevant issues in the future, then the Committee would strongly advise that those issues be reported to the Council’s Community Enforcement Service as soon as possible on 01642 607943. This was a 24 hour telephone line, which allowed incidents to be reported as they were happening or as soon as possible thereafter; or the Licensing Section on 01642 524802.

Any issues concerning crime and disorder at the premises should be reported to the Police. The Licensing Act 2003 also provided legal routes for local residents to ask for a review of the premises licence should the premise cause problems linked to the four licensing objectives. Applications for a review would have to be supported by evidence.

After giving consideration to all of the evidence and representations made both in writing and orally, Members agreed to grant the premise licence as requested, and attached the conditions as agreed by the Police and the Applicant set out above. Members also noted that mandatory conditions set out in section 19 of The Licensing Act 2003 would be attached to the licence.

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