Health & Wellbeing Board Minutes

Wednesday, 26th September, 2018
The Lower Hall, Stockton Baptist Church, The Square, TS18 1TE
Please note: all Minutes are subject to approval at the next Meeting

Attendance Details

Cllr Jim Beall(Chairman),

Cllr Mrs Ann McCoy, Cllr Sonia Bailey, Cllr Kevin Faulks, Cllr Lynn Hall, Cllr Di Hewitt, Karen Grundy, Ann Workman, Fiona Adamson, Dominic Gardner, Hilton Heslop (substitute for Julie Gillon), Sheila Lister, Ali Wilson
Michael Henderson, Tanja Braun (SBC) Jo Heaney (CCG)
In Attendance:
Paul Britton (NHS Graduate Trainee)
Apologies for absence:
Sarah Bowman - Abouna, Martin Gray, Barry Coppinger, Saleem Hassan, Steve Rose,
Item Description Decision
RESOLVED that the update report be noted.
RESOLVED that the update and discussion be noted and actioned as appropriate.
RESOLVED that the Expression of Interest be endorsed and the Children and Young People's Partnership monitor progress.
RESOLVED that the update and discussion be noted and actioned as appropriate.
RESOLVED that the minutes be noted.


Cllr Ann McCoy declared a personal, non prejudicial interest in item 6 ' Mental Health Support - Trailblazer', as she served on the Board of Governors of Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys Mental Health Foundation Trust, which was referred to in the report.
The minutes of the meeting held on 26 June 2018 were confirmed as a correct record.
Members were provided with a presentation that provided an overview of the Healthwatch, Stockton on Tees, Annual Report 2017/18.

Examples of engagement activities during 2017/18 included:

- Enter and view visits including one to Yarm Medical Centre.

- Great North Care Records Public Consultation Events, gathering views about patient's electronic medical records being shared between healthcare services.

- Feedback from residents of Aspen Gardens Extra Care Housing.

- Attendance at colleges, to ensure engagement with young people and receiving evidence on investigations into dental services, orthopaedics outpatients and the Integrated Urgent Care centre.

- Speaking with older people at the Halcyon Day Centre and the LiveWell Dementia Hub. Healthwatch had carried out a follow up visit to Woodside Grange Care Home to review changes implemented following its Enter and View in 2016.

- Work with vulnerable people, including engagement with drug and alcohol service users to gather feedback about current service provision.

The Board noted priorities for 2018/19;

- Research Projects, such as barriers to accessing services for asylum seekers and refugees.

- Engagement with Patient Participation Groups and Care Homes.

- Reports on Enter and View investigations and follow ups visits to ensure recommendations helped to influence changes and improve patient experience for the local community.

- Development of the Executive Board and Volunteer Recruitment.

- Promotion and awareness raising of Healthwatch's role in the community, including a review of all publicity material.


- With reference to the planned research project 'looking at barriers to accessing services for asylum seekers and refugees' it was explained that one of the Council's Select Committee's had undertaken a review of this issue and the final report would be a useful document to consider, as part of any research.

- It was explained that, currently, Enter and View reports were presented to the Council's Health and Social Care Select Committee. Heathwatch would be providing quarterly reports to the Board, going forward, and some detail on Enter and Views would be included.

- The Board noted that there had been benefits and synergies created by the Council's decision to commission the Stockton Independent Complaints Advocacy Service, from Healthwatch.

- Members noted that patients were more willing to complain to Healthwatch than contact services, or commissioners, directly. The role Healthwatch provided in this engagement and feedback was highly valued by partners.
Members considered a report that provided an update on the uptake of flu vaccinations in different population groups.

Members were provided with data that highlighted the occurrence and impact of flu in England during the 2017/18 flu season. Details of recorded flu vaccination in the local population and workforces, during the same period, was also provided.

Members noted that figures indicated that, vaccination uptake, in the Stockton population and workforces, was very positive. However, there were areas of challenge that needed to be addressed and it was agreed that it was important to continue to build on the generally high levels of uptake.

With this in mind the Board agreed some next steps:

• Support of the NHS/ PHE ‘Stay well this winter’ campaign which included flu vaccination messages and resources to ensure consistent messages for patients and the general population.

• Promotion and targeted information for children, at risk groups and pregnant women (NHS/PHE resources).

• Cooperation with care homes, home care providers and hospices to promote and improve staff flu vaccinations.

•Development of a local immunisation plan with NHS England/ Public health immunisation and screening team in line with the responsibilities of NHSE/PHE regarding screening and immunisation. This might be considered North of Tees, or Tees level, with the plan then being tailored for Stockton.

Members discussed uptake of vaccinations at length, and, in particular, the vaccination of staff in care homes and difficulties in obtaining data in this area. Providers would continue to be asked to encourage staff to have vaccinations and gather data via the Provider Forum. More data from providers was likely to be available in the future.

It was suggested that, in terms of raising awareness, the new 0 -19 service should be asked to encourage uptake with the people they came into contact with.

It was recognised that North Tees Hospital had a significant number of people through it's doors and its representative offered to host a vaccination uptake event.

Members noted that efforts to increase uptake of vaccinations by people with learning disabilities was an area of focus.

It was explained that there had been delays in some practices ordering, and receiving, vaccines but it was anticipated that this would be resolved, in the near future.
The Board received a report relating to an expression of interest, that had been submitted to NHS England, to take part in the development and subsequent testing of different models of delivery, to support emotional health and wellbeing in and around the school setting.

A multi agency Steering Group had met to develop a model , which would consist of 3 teams across the CCG area, 2 in Stockton and 1 in Hartlepool. The focus of the teams would be to upskill school staff, support children and young people with mild to moderate mental health needs , both individually and on a group basis. Support would also be offered to families to address adult mental health needs and systemic issues.

Details of the submitted Expression of Interest was provided, which had been signed off by the Chair of the Board. Members were asked to endorse the submission.

Members noted that the model would pick up issues where school policies were having a negative affect on the mental health of children.

It was agreed that oversight of progress relating to this matter would sit with the Children and Young People's Partnership
The Board considered an update report on key indicators, from the performance monitoring framework, for the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy delivery plan, as at September 2018.


- Members noted that the Council had started a review of drugs treatment services which would lead to commissioning of a service in March 2020. Reference was made to a new approach to Substance Misuse by Cleveland Police, which was being piloted in Middlesbrough Pilot. It was suggested that the new approach should be presented to Adults Health and Wellbeing Partnership and/or Safer Stockton Partnership.

- Members noted the information on uptake of Annual Health Checks, by people with learning disabilities, and requested some historical data to help gauge if interventions were being successful. Members highlighted that best practice suggested that GP Surgeries should have a lead person to help people with learning disabilities to access services.
Members considered the following minutes :

- Children and Young People's Partnership - 16th May 2018

- Adults Health and Wellbeing Joint Commissioning Group - 26 June 2018

- Adults' Health and Wellbeing Joint Commissioning Group - 26 July 2018

- Adults Health and Wellbeing Partnership - 1 May 2018

- Domestic Abuse Steering Group - 27 June 2018
Members provided the following updates:

-- Members of the Board who were also members of the Joint Health Scrutiny Committee - STP, highlighted their frustration at the lack of engagement from the NHS at these meetings. There was little information about progress and next steps. It was envisaged that Durham County Council, which supported the Committee, would raise concerns in this regard.

- the Tees Valley Health Scrutiny Committee Task and Finish Group review of Roseberry Park - Impact on Patients and Carers had held its first meeting. It was suggested that the outcomes of the review be reported to the Board early in the New Year.

- Work to reduce the Autism Spectrum Disorder waiting list was underway.

- issues relating to childhood brain injuries had been raised with TEWV's Council of Governors and any relevant outcomes would be reported to the Children and Young People's Partnership , or the Board, if appropriate.

- The Council was undertaking a LGA Peer Review on Physical Activity and outcomes would be reported to the Board.

- It was explained that the High Court had found in favour of the North East NHS's decision, to allow the treatment of patients, suffering from wet aged related macular degeneration, with the unlicensed drug Avastin. Avastin was significantly cheaper that other drugs but was considered to be equally effective and safe.

- Reference was made to the Social Prescribing Programme managed by Catalyst. The Board requested that a report on the programme be provided to the Board's November meeting.

Members noted that Ali Wilson, who had served on the Board since its establishment in 2013, as a representative of Hartlepool and Stockton on Tees Clinical Commissioning Group, was stepping down. She thanked the Board and all the Partners she had worked with and wished everyone the best for the future. The Board thanked Ali for the invaluable work and contribution she had provided within and outside the Board. Members wished Ali every best wish going forward.
Members noted the Forward Plan

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