Parish Council Liaison Forum Minutes

Tuesday, 18th September, 2007
7.00 pm
Council Chamber Town Hall, High Street, Stockton-on-Tees
Please note: all Minutes are subject to approval at the next Meeting

Attendance Details

Cllr Mrs Jennie Beaumont, Cllr John Fletcher, Cllr Terry Laing, Cllr Barry Woodhouse
N. Hall, G. Clingan(DNS), K. Fulton (Policy), T. Beckworth (CESC), D. Bond, P. Bell, M. Jones (LD)
In Attendance:
Parish/Town Councils: J. Walker (Egglescliffe Parish Council), T. Allison (Grindon Parish COuncil), L. Wardle (Stillington & Whitton Parish Council), I. Machin, J. Feldon (Ingleby Barwick Town Council), R. Andrews (Kirklevington Parish Council)
Apologies for absence:
Cllr David Coleman, Cllr Mrs Eileen Craggs, Cllr Kevin Faulks, Billingham Town Council, Maltby Parish Council
Item Description Decision
RESOLVED that Councillor Laing be appointed Chairman of the Parish Council Liaison Forum for the Municipal Year 2007/2008.
CONCLUDED that a progress report would be presented to the Forum in accordance with the monitoring arrangements of the Sustainable Community Strategy which was on a six monthly basis.
CONCLUDED that the information be noted.
Concluded that:

1. The forum to receive an update on the issue secondary school transport at the next meeting.

2. Ingleby Barwick Parish Council be consulted on Romano Park facilities.


Councillor Mrs Beaumont declared a personal/non prejudicial interest as she was also Parish Councillor for Castle Levington & Kirklevington Parish Council.

Councillor Fletcher declared a personal/non prejudicial interest as he was also a Parish Councillor for Egglescliffe Parish Council.
The Forum considered the 'Shaping Stockton's Future' draft document which outlined the Sustainable Community Strategy for Stockton-on-Tees 2008 - 2021. It was noted that the strategy document tabled for discussion was the second draft which included comments and opinions received via an extensive consultation programme that took place on first draft. The strategy was due to be agreed in October 2007 at a Stockton Renaissance Board meeting, and therefore the deadline for comments was 30th September 2007. The strategy document was available for the public to view via several sources including Stockton Borough Council website.

The adopted strategy would be used by several organisations within the Borough to implement schemes. The document tabled was a high level strategic visionary document which was supported and underpinned by more specific plans and strategies which contained more detail. The supporting plans and strategies, which formed the planning framework for the council and its partners were available for the public to view on the internet through the Council website and on request. It was noted that the current and future monitoring of the Sustainable Community Strategy would be six monthly basis, and this would be reported to the Renaissance Board. It was requested that the Forum also received progress reports, as an avenue to ensure that the Parish/Town Councils were kept informed.

The Yarm and Eaglescliffe Area Action Plan was raised, and it was noted that there was a cross over of issues between the two strategies. The Performance Improvement Manager stated she would ensure that the views expressed on the Yarm and Eaglescliffe Area Action Plan would be fed into the consultation and engagement feedback for the Sutainable Community Strategy.
The Director of Law and Democracy presented the Forum with a report on the developments in relation to the new code of conduct for local authority members, insofar as Town and Parish Councils were concerned.

All local authorities were urged to adopt the new model code of conduct and had until 1 October 2007 to consider its adoption. After this time, those authorities that had not adopted the code would be automatically covered by it.

The main changes arising from the code were summarised. These included the facility for members to have a greater representational role at meetings on matters that were affected by a prejudicial interest (Paragraph 12(2)); and greater freedom not to declare Personal Non Prejudicial interests on matters arising purely due to being a representative of an outside body organisation.

Prior to the introduction of the new Mode Code of Conduct Order a range of advice and guidance had been provided to Town/Parish Councils. In addition, further information had been provided in the form of One to One's with Clerks and presentations at Town/Parish meetings by the monitoring officer, as was attached to the report.

The Parish/Town Councils that had adopted the new Code where listed with the report. The Monitoring Officer stated that Billingham Town Council and Preston-on-Tees Parish Council had recently adopted the Code and should be added to the list. The Monitoring Officer also noted that Billingham Town Council and Preston-on-Tees Parish Council should be added to the list of those who had indicated a wish to be included in the statutory Borough advert regarding adoption of the Code, which was going to the local press shortly.
Secondary School Transport

Ingleby Barwick Town Council had submitted a question regarding the provision of transport for secondary school children from Ingleby Barwick to schools outside the estate.

The Head of Support Services (CESC), reported that the Authority provided bus services for 636 children travelling from Ingleby Barwick to Conyers School. Of this the Authority was obliged by law to provide the service for 416. The other children paid a contribution to the cost of the service. The service was provided by nine buses, and two of the buses did a double run to the area closest to the school. It was believed that a further two buses would contribute to congestion and safety problems within Ingleby Barwick.

On the occasions that Leven Bank was closed due to adverse conditions there would be an impact on all buses, and these would be redirected to the best route available. The incidence of problems occurring due to the failure of a bus was rare, during 2006/7 children were late to school on two occasions, each time caused by the failure of buses to arrive in Ingleby Barwick. On those occasions other buses undertook a double run to cover the area.

Children would wait in the school grounds while they waited for the buses, and would be supervised by members of staff. In adverse weather conditions the children would be able to wait in the school library, and would be supervised.

Ingleby Barwick Town Council queried the possibility of building another secondary school in the area. The Officer noted that this would be looked at within Building Schools for the Future; however in the short term children would continue to attend schools outside Ingleby Barwick.

Romano Park

Ingleby Barwick Town Council queried the position in respect of the progression of funding to provide Romano Park. The Strategy and Development Manager updated on the position, noting that:

1. An element of the Authority's capital allocated to the development of parks had been provisionally earmarked for Romano Park, subject to Cabinet approval on 27th September 2007, and would contribute to the Landscape for Play initiative.

2. The Authority had applied for a rolling programme of funding, which would be forwarded over a three year period, from Impetus Waste Management. This would be used in three phases: Phase I would take place in 2007/8 and use £80,000 to develop a Multi-Use Games Area; Phases II and III would take place in 2008/9 and 2009/10, and would use £100,000 per annum to develop a wheeled sports facility.

3. Under a Borough-wide funding bid to the BIG Lottery £100,000 has been provisionally allocated to Romano Park (as part of a wider funding bid linked to the Borough Play Strategy). This would also contribute to the development of the 'Landscape for Play' at Romano Park.

Planning consent was being sought to build Romano Park on a site south of Tesco.

Ingleby Barwick Parish Council requested that they be consulted on the facilities to be placed at the park.

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