Stockton Youth Assembly Minutes

Tuesday, 20th September, 2016
Community Zone, North Shore Academy, Talbot Street, Stockton-on-Tees
Please note: all Minutes are subject to approval at the next Meeting

Attendance Details

Jess Hugill,Cllr Mrs Ann McCoy, Viven Alwis, Beth Gibson, Jack Gibson, Stephen Jones, Ryan Oliphant, Josh Corfield, Rhianna Lees,
Shirley Stenburge (Youth Direction), Gayle Nertney (Democratic Services) Diane McConnell (Head of Schools & SEN), Dale Rowbotham (Waste Management)
In Attendance:
Rachel Wright - Children North East (Poverty Ends Now)
Apologies for absence:
Cllr Robert Cook
Item Description Decision
There were no Declarations of Interest made.
AGREED that the minutes were a true record.
AGREED that SYA members pass on information about Poverty ends now.
AGREED that members promote the survey within their schools, encouraging peoples views to be recorded.
AGREED that further information be brought to the SYA for discussion.
AGREED that members speak to their schools to encourage them to complete.
AGREED that;

1. members advise Shirley if they wish to attend the BYC convention in October.
2. members forward any outstanding registration forms ASAP.
AGREED that the Plan be noted.
5:00pm - 7:00pm


Members considered the minutes of the meeting held on 12th July 2016.
The SYA received information from members of Children North East discussing the Poverty ends now campaign.

The group are youth led, aged 13 to 19 from all over the North east with the ultimate aim of eradicating child poverty in the UK which is estimated at 2,800,000 young people living in poverty.

In 2014 the group produced a manifesto that was launched in the House of Commons, which included targeting issues such as housing, education and travel and for the past two years they have continued their work through campaigning, raising awareness and lobbying decision makers.

The group meet for approximately 2 hours every fortnight, with the occasional individual tasks to complete in their own time to contribute towards campaigns etc. The meetings were flexible and organised to try and accommodate everybody. Expenses for travel would be paid by the group.

The group also attend events to discuss child poverty and have lead workshops e.g. at the Durham Clergy Summer Gathering, Newcastle Fairness Commission.

The group were currently looking into free school meals and were hoping to start working towards a new campaign about the inequality surrounding this.

The group were currently looking at recruiting new members. Anyone interested in receiving more information were invited to contact Rachel Wright - [email protected]

Visit to read PEN's 2014 manifesto.

Members enquired as to whether any work had been done around the increasing use of food bank's by children and were advised that they had done some work with charities and organisations, and this was an ongoing issue. Any evidence on the increase of use to be forwarded to Cllr McCoy.

Members asked where the meetings took place, and were advised that they tended to be in Newcastle as this was central to where most members lived, however this may change depending on the location of any new recruits. It was stressed that expenses would be paid for travel, such as train fares.
A representative from Stockton Borough Council's Waste Management Team discussed the role of the team at SBC, and advised members that the team were producing a survey for households in the borough to complete, answering questions on how they found recycling and waste.

SBC collect all the waste produced from households in the borough and offer a recycling service for paper, cans, glass, and cardboard.

Recycling rates were still quite low, and the survey would be designed to help identify the reasons why some households do not recycle some or all of their recyclable waste.

Members were advised that the survey would go live within the next couple of weeks, and would be available for residents to complete either on line, or hard copy for approximately 4 weeks.

The responses would help the Waste Management Team look at shaping how the service would work in the future, encouraging more residents to recycle.

Members asked whether Stockton would look at operating like Middlesbrough where residents have a bin for general waste, and a bin for recycling, where paper, card, glass & cans are all placed in the same bin, making it easier for residents to recycle. It was explained that this was not something that SBC had looked at, as at the moment the Council received an income from the items collected because they were collected separately, and this income helped to run the service. Where Councils mix the collected items, then this normally costs the Council money to dispose of, as there is a lot of sorting required, and there is often a lot of contamination involved. Depending on the results of the service, then this might be something that the Council investigate further into.

Members asked whether any work was to be done with schools improving recycling, and were advised that a lot of work was done with schools and that recycling waste was collected free of charge. However there was no involvement with how the school collect the waste within the school. Any school that does not have recycling then it can easily be introduced. Members were encouraged to discuss recycling at their School Governors Meetings.
Members considered a briefing note on the results of the Safeguarding Pupil survey carried out with secondary schools in Stockton Borough.

The survey took place between February 2016 and the end of term, and consisted of 44 questions that could be answered online.

Over 2,500 pupils completed the survey and the results had been collated and analysed.

The survey was devised specifically to gain the perspective of young people of how well they were keeping themselves safe and how well supported they had been, particularly at school, to do so.

Members discussed the report, which summarised the outcomes of the survey.

Within the report, it was detailed what the next steps would be following the results of the survey, and what needed to be done in order to address the area's of concern.

Each school had received details specific to their school, highlighting where improvements needed to be made, and benchmarking them against other schools.

A lot of training and support had been offered to schools in order to address the issues highlighted in the results and to make the necessary improvements.

Schools were shocked at some of the outcomes, and are keen to carry out the necessary training in order to make improvements.

The survey would be redone in 2018.

Members discussed that some students underwent safeguarding training within their schools, and it was only then that they realised the amount of training staff received in relation to certain topics, and that it would have been beneficial that students understood more about what the school could help students with, especially in relation to emotional problems, and that they were not just there to teach.

It was discussed that members felt some teachers/schools dumb down certain topics, for fear of students being too young to be exposed to certain things. Some issues discussed were the same that were discussed when students were a lot younger.

Members were keen to speak to schools on addressing safeguarding issues, and also on the correct language to be used in campaigns. This is something that would be very welcome by the Schools and SEN team, and it was agreed further information would be brought to the Assembly to discuss.
Members were advised that the first question would be 'Have you heard about the Youth Assembly?' and would be ready to be published in the next week. Anybody responding 'No', would have information forwarded about the Stockton Youth Assembly.

#Answer Alex had started to be promoted on the Youth Direction Facebook and twitter pages.

Once confirmation had been received from SBC's Communication's Team then the question would be published, and would be expected to remain for 2 weeks before the information was collated and fed back.

Members asked whether questions had been received from different teams within the Council as previously discussed. The Officer who held the information was not present at the meeting but this would be followed up.

It was clarified that Assembly members submitted a list of potential questions to Youth Direction, and that the first question was picked from the list.
The group discussed the Culture Event held on Thursday 21 July 2016. The event, supporting the British Youth Council's 'Don't hate. Educate' campaign was a huge success with 146 people attending. The programme included Bollywood Dancing, African, Dohl and Samba drumming, Didgeridoo workshop, arts & crafts, Chinese activities, spice bags, MFC and a boxing workshop with Imran Naeem.

Members were thanked for supporting this event.

Members were keen to do another event next year, and to include the Polish Community. It was also suggested that Mick McGrowther may want to be involved at the next event.
All members had received a pack including details of how to be a champion, and how members could get involved with the campaign.

Only 6 schools had signed up - numerous attempts had been made to get schools involved, however it was stressed that its not too late.
Brief update:
Teesside High have had ballots delivered.
300 have been issued to North Shore.
900 left at St Bede's.
Met with Stockton 6th form, and ballots left.
Westlands delivered 70.
Bishopsgarth - completed 50.
Thornaby Academy - ballots taking place today
Ian Ramsey completing this week.
Youth groups and Looked after Children had taken part. Scouts & Girl Guide groups had also taken part.
100 online votes completed to date.
BYC the second convention would be in October. All members were issued details. Anybody interested in attending to notify Shirley ASAP in order that transport and catering could be arranged.

Outstanding registration forms to be forwarded to Shirley ASAP.

The BYC hosted the 16th Annual sitting weekend for MYP’S this year, held at York University. The event brought together MYP’S from all over the country, developing new skills, meeting people, and debating topics young people said are most important.

The UK Youth Parliament also updated their Manifesto with the Big vote with 19 motions chosen debated and voted on this year.

The aim of the UK Youth Parliament policy making process was for Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) to update their manifesto of what the UK Youth Parliament believes in based on local issues they submitted at the start of their term of office.

The guest speakers this year were Gulwali Passarlay an Afghan political refugee who has told his story in his book The Lightless Sky, Rt Hon John Bercow who is the 157th speaker in the House of Commons.
The Forward Plan was noted.

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