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Monday, 30th October, 2017
Jim Cooke Conference Room, Stockton Central Library
Contact Annette Sotheby tel. 01642 527987; e-mail

Please note: The order of business may be subject to change on the day.

1 Evacuation Procedure

2 Apologies for absence

3 Declarations of Interest

4 Minutes of the Meeting held on 15th May 2017 - For Approval (to follow)

5 Scrutiny Review of Asylum Seeker Services

- To consider and agree the draft final report.

6 Scrutiny Review of Billingham Event Infrastructure/Billingham International Folklore Festival (BIFF)

- To consider the CIOFF guidance around the infrastructure requirements for recognised CIOFF international festivals.
- To consider feedback on the visits to the accommodation site undertaken during BIFF 2017.
- To consider information from the main infrastructure contractor involved at BIFF 2017.

7 Work Programme 2017-2018

8 Chair's Update

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