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Thursday, 19th December, 2019
Jim Cooke Suite, Stockton Central Library, Stockton on Tees TS18 1TU
Governance Officer, Marianne Sleeman on Tel: 01642 527636, or email: [email protected]

Please note: The order of business may be subject to change on the day.

1 Evacuation Procedure

2 Apologies for absence

3 Declarations of Interest

4 Minutes of the meeting held on 16th October and 24th October 2019 for approval / signature

5 Councillor Call for Action - Obstructive and Illegal Parking around Whitehouse Primary School

- To consider and agree the draft final report.

6 Scrutiny Review of Protection of Vulnerable Older Residents Living at Home

- To consider and agree the draft final report.

7 Scrutiny Review of Fly-Grazed Horses

- To receive a background briefing in relation to this scrutiny topic.
- To consider and agree the scope and project plan for the review (attached).

8 Work Programme 2019-2020

9 Chairs Update

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