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Officer Decisions (in consultation)

Adults & Health
28 Sep 2016 Grant Agreement
Chief Executive
13 Jun 2016 CE/01/1617
18 Dec 2013 DTVA - Deed of Variation to the Admission Agreement
03 Oct 2013 DTVA - Engaging Cavu Corporate Finance Limited to provide expert advice
10 May 2013 To engage Dickinson Dees - DTVA
10 May 2013 To engage BTG McInnes Corporate Finance - DTVA
23 Feb 2012 Cancellation of Special Meeting of Council - 28 March 2012
23 Feb 2012 DTVA - To respond to the Conversion Notice served by PAL under the SSA and to comply with the requirements of the SSA in terms of responding to the Notice.
23 Feb 2012 DTVAL
24 Nov 2011 Change of Council meeting date
27 May 2009 Auhtorisation for a site erroneously omitted for the SHLAA document
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Children, Education & Social Care
29 Feb 2016 Agree to an exception to some or all requirements of Contract Procedure Rules in accordance with paragraph 5.4 and not to go to tender for the purchase of personal care from HH
29 Feb 2016 1.Approve changes to the Resource Allocation System (RAS)
18 Jan 2016 To accept the tender from H F Ltd,in respect of Residential placement.
18 Jan 2016 To accept the tender from P,in respect of Residential placement.
18 Jan 2016 To accept the tender from DH P for Allensway Centre ¨C Internal Alterations
18 Jan 2016 To accept the tender from P T P Ltd, in respect of residential care, education and support.
18 Jan 2016 To accept the tender from A,for the Better Care Fund Dementia Strand Live Well Dementia Project for Maintenance Cognitive Stimulation Therapy Programme

18 Jan 2016 To accept the tender from The G ID S, in respect of residential care,a full bespoke education package and specialist mental health/clinical support and therapeutic services.
01 Dec 2015 To accept the tender from North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust, University Hospital of North Tees, Hardwick Road, Stockton on Tees, Cleveland, TS19 8PE

For the 0-5 years Healthy Child Programme (Health Visiting and Family Nurse Partnership).
20 Oct 2015 To accept the tender from
E C and S S
For the Winford House, Care Ready and Outreach service which is located at The Causeway, Billingham.
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Community Services
17 Oct 2016 To accept the quote from Riverside Truck Rental for the contract for supply and delivery of two x 4.5 tonne compact sweepers on a long term hire basis.
05 Sep 2016 Acceptance of quote for light commercial vehicles
Development & Neighbourhood Services
20 Jun 2016 Leven Road loading bay request
13 Jun 2016 Acceptance of Tender re North Shore Gateway Site Hotel Design Team
24 May 2016 Royal National Institute for the Blind's (RNIB) Street Charter
24 May 2016 Cotswold Crescent, Billingham - Traffic Calming Study
24 May 2016 Approval of use of SBC's votes in the Business Improvement District ballot
18 May 2016 Acceptance of Tender
18 May 2016 Acceptance of Tender
18 May 2016 Public Right of Way Maintenance Works
18 May 2016 Temporary Licence Agreement (16th - 30th June 2016).
27 Apr 2016 Billingham Town Centre paving works
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Economic Growth & Development
15 May 2017 To accept the tender for the Carriageway Surfacing Programme 2017-2020
09 May 2017 The Globe Theatre - removal of asbestos
24 Apr 2017 Neighbourhood Shopping Parade Improvement Budget
29 Mar 2017 Charges for services where appropriate within the Highways, Transport and Environment section
29 Mar 2017 Approval of the Council's 2017/18 Integrated Transport' Capital Programme.
27 Mar 2017 Acceptance of tender for Section 278 works for the construction of a roundabout access associated with the planning consent for the Mount Leven Retirement Village
27 Mar 2017 Area Transport Strategy Process and Community Participation Budget Members Guide 2017/18
15 Mar 2017 Yarm Town Centre West - On Street Business Season Tickets
20 Feb 2017 Proposal to revise the permanent Traffic Regulation Order to relocate the current disabled bay from the west side of the bus stop on the eastbound carriageway between Mill Lane and Tibbersley Avenue, Billingham to the east side of the bus stop.
20 Feb 2017 To approve the introduction of school time waiting and loading restrictions on lengths of Henshaw Drive, Holystone Drive, Rochester Court and Blair Avenue, Ingleby Barwick.
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Finance and Business Support
24 Apr 2017 F&BS/1/1718 - Award 10% discretionary rate relief to One Ummah, Unit 11 Orde Wingate Way
29 Mar 2017 1.Allocation of resource from within the Medium Term Financial Plan for the Purchase of employment land at Belasis Business Park.

2.Purchase employment land at Belasis Business Park, Billingham.
27 Mar 2017 FBS 92/1617 - Awards for discretionary rate relief for 2017/2018 to continue at the same rate and for the same businesses and premises as previously approved for 2016/2017
13 Feb 2017 F&BS/77/1617 - Award 0% discretionary rate relief to Real Life Options
18 Jan 2017 F&BS/67/1617 - Award 20% discretionary rate relief to Corner House @ Newtown, Newtown Community Centre, Durham Road, TS19 0DE for the period 1.4.16 to 31.3.17.
18 Jan 2017 F&BS/66/1617 - Award 20% discretionary rate relief to 9th Billingham St Cuthbert Scouts Langdale Road, Billingham TS23 1AN for the period 14.9.16 to 31.3.17.
18 Jan 2017 F&BS/65/1617 - Award 10% discretionary rate relief to Daisy Chain Project Teesside Ross Road, Stockton on Tees, TS18 2NH for the period 1.4.16 to 31.3.17.
18 Jan 2017 F&BS/68/1617 - Award 10% discretionary rate relief to Tees Valley Muslim Community Centre,
04 Jan 2017 FBS/64/1617 - Set Council Tax Base for 2017/2018 Council Tax setting as 54,333.2
17 Oct 2016 F&BS/54/1617 - Award 0% discretionary rate relief to Durham Tees Valley CRC,
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HR, Legal & Communications
15 Mar 2017 F&BS/84/1617 - - Award 10% discretionary rate relief to Community Campus 87
05 Sep 2016 HRLC-02-16 - Purchase of The Practical Community Empowerment Support Contract
Law & Democracy
29 Apr 2014 Community Asset Transfer of three properties on 99 year leases to be granted by the Council to Onsite Building Trust
12 Apr 2012 Review of Parliamentary Constituencies Boundaries - Secondary Consultation
10 Dec 2010 To agree no change to the existing polling districts and to agree the polling stations' venue/locations for the purpose of the 2011 local government elections and AV Referendum, together with any other referendums which may be required.
10 Jun 2010 Refusal to register land in applications VG202, VG203, VG204 and VG205 at Long Newton as village green.
16 Aug 2007 To re-appoint the Chair of the Standards Committee, and the two Independent Members, for further terms of 2 years.
11 Oct 2006 Durham Tees Valley Airport
Policy, Performance & Communications
17 Jan 2013 Healthwatch Contract Award
13 Jun 2016 HLC/01/1617
09 May 2016 FBS/07/1617 acceptance of tender
27 Apr 2016 FBS/08/1617 - community asset transfer of both Ragworth Neighbourhood Centre and Norton Grange Community Resource Centre
11 Apr 2016 F&BS/06/1617 - Award 0% discretionary rate relief to British Heart Foundation
11 Apr 2016 F&BS/04/1617 - Award 0% discretionary rate relief to British Heart Foundation,
11 Apr 2016 XEN-19-15
11 Apr 2016 F&BS/03/1617
Award 20% discretionary rate relief to Love Stockton Ltd,
11 Apr 2016 HR/12/15
Accept the tender from Insight Healthcare Limited
11 Apr 2016 C07/15
Acceptance of tender from OJM Digital Limited
11 Apr 2016 F&BS/05/1617 - Award 0% discretionary rate relief to British Heart Foundation
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18 Jan 2016 Start-up advice service including the management of a grant fund for start-ups
18 Jan 2016 South Tees District Energy Study
18 Jan 2016 Apprenticeship Training Agency¡¯ (ATA) facilities for ex-SSI apprentices
18 Jan 2016 SSI Business Support packages
29 Sep 2015 Contract for Tees Valley Business Compass with BE Group
28 Aug 2015 Economic Impact Analysis
28 Aug 2015 Industrial CCS Consultancy
03 Aug 2015 Marketing support for Business Growth Hub
24 Jul 2015 Tees Valley PR & Marketing Support Framework
20 Apr 2015 South Tees District Heating Scheme Project Manager
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