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Economic Growth & Development
25 Jun 2018 Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Review
25 Jun 2018 Traffic regulation order on Harker Close which would restrict parking during the hours of
9am-5pm by means of a single yellow line on the West Side of the cul de sac.
25 Jun 2018 To approve the speed limit reduction from 40mph to 30mph on A139 Billingham Road,
Norton and the implementation of limited waiting and no loading restrictions Mon - Sat
between 8am and 6pm.
25 Jun 2018 Acceptance of tender for the construction of the Stockton Crematorium
23 May 2018 Subject to consultation, it is approved in principle to progress a scheme to install traffic
signals at the junction of Middleway/A1130 Mandale Road, Thornaby. Mandale Road
would operate with a predominant green signal for the straight ahead movements. A
pedestrian would be included.
23 May 2018 To approve the introduction of traffic calming measures on the section of Rochester
Road, Stockton north of its junction with Romsey Road, Stockton.
23 May 2018 It is approved to progress an experimental traffic Order to pedestrianise Silver Street,
Stockton through a Prohibition of Driving Order for all motor vehicles except permit
holders and for loading between the hours of 6am and 9.30am. The Order will be
effected through an automated bollard system at the Calverts Lane junction. 24 hour
waiting restrictions are proposed for the entire length to enable enforcement of
vehicles not legitimately loading. Rights of vehicle access will be managed through a
permit/fob system.
02 May 2018 Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Policy 2018, Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Strategy 2018 and Highways Communication Plan 2018
23 Apr 2018 Changes to be made to the Tees Valley Common Allocations Policy
17 Apr 2018 Bus Shelter Installation
17 Apr 2018 Yarm Long Stay Car Parks and High Street Parking
17 Apr 2018 Approval of Economic Strategy 2017-2032 and the three year Economic Growth Plan
17 Apr 2018 No waiting and loading at any time restrictions on lengths of Cygnet Drive and Kingfisher Way, Stockton
19 Mar 2018 Acceptance of tender for Silver Street public realm works
12 Mar 2018 Butts Lane and Grisedale Crescent, Egglescliffe - Proposed No Waiting and Loading at Any Time Restrictions
12 Mar 2018 Prohibition of Driving Order - Silver Street, Stockton
12 Mar 2018 To consult on introducing limited parking on Yarm High Street and long stay parking with pay and display on West Street.
12 Mar 2018 Bus Stop Improvements
10 Jan 2018 Submission of Draft Local Plan to the Planning Inspectorate
19 Dec 2017 Traffic calming scheme at The Wynd, Wynyard
12 Dec 2017 Bishopton Road West/Shannon Crescent/Brookfield Road, Fairfield - Proposed Raised Zebra Crossing
12 Dec 2017 Local Economic Assessment
12 Dec 2017 The Rings and Bancroft Drive, Ingleby Barwick - Proposed No Waiting at any Time Restrictions and Sandgate Shops Car Park, Ingleby Barwick - Control of Use Order
12 Dec 2017 To accept the tender for the Globe Site Mobilisation, Demolition and Soft Strip Works Package
12 Dec 2017 Annual Car Parking Report 2016/2017
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