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E-Petitions enables anybody living, working, or studying in the area to create a petition or sign an existing petition.

If you wish to create a new petition you should first examine existing petitions to ensure that you are not duplicating an existing one.

You can examine the existing petitions by searching for content the proposer has associated with them. Alternatively, you can view petitions that are most popular, open petitions, recently closed, or closing shortly.

Use the same approaches if you are looking for a petition to sign. When you view the details of any petition that is still open for signature, you will be given the opportunity to sign it. You will only be allowed to sign a petition once.

Before you can create or sign a petition you must first provide an email address. This helps verify identity and enables the Council to keep you informed about the actions that have been taken in response to the petition. Once you have supplied your email address you will be sent an email with a link in the message that will take you to a form to continue the creation or signing.

If you wish to manage a petition you have created or a signing you have made you can obtain a list of the petitions involved by using the manage petitions and signings option on the side menu. Your email address will be required.

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