Member and Committee Information

The Council is composed of the following members.

Cllr Helen Atkinson (BW&IBE IND) Billingham West
Cllr Louise Baldock (Lab&Co) Parkfield and Oxbridge
Cllr Chris Barlow (Lab)
     (Place Select Committee Chairman)
Billingham North
Cllr Jim Beall (Lab)
     (Deputy Mayor)
     (Employee Appeals Panel - Vice Chair)
Cllr Pauline Beall (Lab)
     (Appeals & Complaints Committee - Vice Chair)
     (Crime and Disorder Committee Chairman)
Stockton Town Centre
Cllr Jacky Bright (Con) Eaglescliffe
Cllr Carol Clark (Lab)
     (Children & Young People Select Cttee Chairman)
     (Corporate Parenting Board Vice - Chair)
Cllr Robert Cook (Lab)
     (Health and Well Being Board Chairman)
     (Leader of Council)
     (Labour Group Leader)
     (Members Advisory Panel Chairman)
Norton South
Cllr Nigel Cooke (Lab)
     (Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Housing)
Hardwick and Salters Lane
Cllr Evaline Cunningham (Lab)
     (Appeals & Complaints Committee - Chairman)
     (Adult Social Care and Health Select Cttee Chairman)
Billingham East
Cllr Ian Dalgarno (TIA) Village
Cllr Ken Dixon (IBIS) Ingleby Barwick West
Cllr Lisa Evans (Lab)
     (Deputy Leader)
     (Cabinet Member for Children & Young People)
Norton North
Cllr Dan Fagan (Con) Yarm
Cllr Kevin Faulks (IBIS)
     (IBIS Group Leader)
Ingleby Barwick West
Cllr Luke Frost (IND) Mandale and Victoria
Cllr Clare Gamble (Lab)
     (Adult Social Care and Health Select Cttee V-Chair)
     (Assistant Cabinet Member)
Billingham North
Cllr John Gardner (Con) Northern Parishes
Cllr Ray Godwin (TIA) Stainsby Hill
Cllr Lynn Hall (Con) Hartburn
Cllr Stefan Houghton (Con) Eaglescliffe
Cllr Barbara Inman (Lab)
     (Children & Young People Select Cttee Vice Chairman)
     (Corporte Parenting Board Chairman)
Cllr Niall Innes (Con) Hartburn
Cllr Mohammed Javed (Lab&Co)
     (Place Select Committee Vice - Chairman)
Parkfield and Oxbridge
Cllr Eileen Johnson (Lab)
     (General Licensing Committee Vice - Chair)
     (Statutory Licensing Committee Vice - Chair)
Norton South
Cllr Paul Kirton (Lab)
     (General Licensing Committee Chairman)
     (Statutory Licensing Committee Chairman)
Stockton Town Centre
Cllr Tina Large (TIA) Mandale and Victoria
Cllr Steve Matthews JP (IND) Western Parishes
Cllr Mrs Ann McCoy (Lab)
     (Cabinet Member for Adults Social Care)
Billingham Central
Cllr David Minchella (Lib-Dem) Bishopsgarth and Elm Tree
Cllr Mick Moore (TIA) Village
Cllr Steve Nelson (Lab)
     (Cabinet Member for Health Leisure and Culture)
Norton North
Cllr Mrs Jean O'Donnell (Lab)
     (People Select Committee Chairman)
Billingham South
Cllr Ross Patterson (IBIS)
Ingleby Barwick West
Cllr Maurice Perry (FI)
     (Executive Scrutiny Cttee Vice Chairman)
Cllr Lauriane Povey (Lab)
     (Audit Cttee Vice Chairman)
Billingham North
Cllr Stephen Richardson (Con) Grangefield
Cllr Tony Riordan (Con) Norton West
Cllr Andrew Sherris (Con)
     (Planning Cttee Vice Chairman)
Cllr Michael Smith (Lab)
     (Cabinet Member for Environment & Transport)
Billingham South
Cllr Lee Spence (Con) Billingham West
Cllr Norma Stephenson O.B.E (Lab)
     (Employee Appeals Panel Chairman)
     (Cabinet Member for Access, Communities & C Safety)
Hardwick and Salters Lane
Cllr Mick Stoker (Lab)
     (Planning Cttee Chairman)
Billingham East
Cllr Hugo Stratton (Con) Bishopsgarth and Elm Tree
Cllr Ted Strike (BW&IBE IND) Ingleby Barwick East
Cllr Marilyn Surtees (Lab) Newtown
Cllr Laura Tunney (Con) Eaglescliffe
Cllr Hilary Vickers (Con) Norton West
Cllr Steve Walmsley (TIA) Mandale and Victoria
Cllr Mrs Sylvia Walmsley (TIA)
     (Executive Scrutiny Cttee Chairman)
Stainsby Hill
Cllr Alan Watson (Con) Ingleby Barwick East
Cllr Sally Ann Watson (Con) Ingleby Barwick East
Cllr Paul Weston (Lab)
     (Crime and Disorder Committee Vice - Chairman)
Cllr Julia Whitehill (Con) Yarm
Cllr Bill Woodhead MBE (FI) Fairfield
Cllr Barry Woodhouse (Lab)
     (Audit Cttee Chairman)
Billingham Central

The political make up for the Council is currently

Labour (22 members)
Conservative (16 members)
Independent (2 members)
Liberal-Democrat (1 member)

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